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It’s a really nice day outside.

From LOL God

 The sun is shining.

There are still leaves on the trees.

So far, not a snowflake has fallen.

So I figured. . .

Today we would just laugh.



This is so close to being true, it’s funny.

Or not.

Or a little.

Pet a dog, scratch behind a cat’s ears.

Bake a pie.

Take a walk.


Or smell the roses. If there are any left.

Eat left-overs cuz who want’s to cook on a Saturday.

Watch college football.

Walk through crunchy leaves.

Smile at a stranger.

Don’t even think about how blessedly awful the GOP field is.


Remember the good old days, when you had no idea that so much of the American electorate was simply ignorant enough to qualify for “special ed” classes.


Because crying doesn’t get you anything but puffy eyes.

Imagine how lousy life would be if we couldn’t daydream.

But we can.

So do that now.


And just remember.

This guy ain’t in charge any more.

That’s worth a smile.

That’s worth about a thousand smiles.


The Contrarian is already ready for Packer football.


He may sleep in his clothes tonight.

Did I mention?

That it amounts to animal abuse

To dress an animal up like this?

I been told that.

By every dog I asked.

Don’t do this.


Now you have a spectacular day and we’ll get back to fixin’ the world on Monday.