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Quantum entanglement briefly defined, says that the tiniest of particles, separated from each other by billions of light-years, are affected by actions to one instantaneously.

How and why this happens is pretty much unknown, and it does seem to violate all known laws of light-speed.

But I can tell you it’s real cuz my brain is entangled right now, and I’m just gonna open it up and let it spill forth, until everything gets back in order. Pardon me while I do, turn your head, leave the room, or chuckle, whichever seems best to you.

I’d opt out of life, if I figured I could survive the big stretch of a black hole. Not that life is so awful. . .it’s the only one I got, but damn it’s tiresome at times. You know what I mean.

I still miss the heck out of my dog. It seems unfair. I don’t miss a lot of other things and I just wonder why God didn’t ask me about killin’ off one of those things. I would have said, “fine, kill away, leave the dog alone, thank you.”

I still ask God to straighten out my problems, even though I surely don’t believe in tit-for-tat praying. Violates all the known laws of “free will”.

 Why is it allowable that a person can harass you after nearly thirty years? I mean use the judicial system to screw with a person? Since you have all the facts, all the documents, you know you win in the end, but the “wheels of justice, they turn slow” and  dockets are full of other crap cases, so just get in line, and wait. And you know when the day comes, the harassing excuse of a human being will fade like smoke. And I get stuck with the dumbest, and laziest attorney that ever walked the face of this or any world. There is nothing worse than being in the right and all the people who matter (judges and lawyers) not caring enough to stop trimming their toenails to listen.

 Which reminds me of a grossly incompetent judge I once knew. I was told to “come on back” to his chambers and did so to discuss some case that I didn’t particularly care about, but was doing my duty anyway. What do I find, but the turd actually with his naked foot upon his desk and a pair of clippers, carving away at his toe claws. I mean it threw me off my lunch that day.

Why can’t I be 25 and know what I know now? If that was true world-wide, hell the world would be livable, instead of this glob of goo. I mean I’d save a lot more money, not waste it on crap, and make lots better decisions. So far God has not seen fit to grant me that wish either I might add.

Speaking of lawyers, I am one you know. Haven’t practiced in a whole lotta years, but may have to start soon to get rid of this pesky crazed harrigan of imposter of a woman. Anyway, I went to the conventional law school, and so I know.

Oh, yeah, well, I know that I went to school with about 3% of the class being just a few points short of being imbeciles. And Lord of all Lords, even THEY passed the bar, and hung out signs and lied and said they were competent to handle “your legal problems.”

Well,  dudes and dudettes, guess what? The same freakin’ percentage of wannabe doctors passed their state exams and are probing around in your guts and nether regions and for God-damn-sake brains of you and me. And do you know which is which?  Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Same for dentists, and auto mechanics, and bricklayers. So don’t be surprised if the side of your house suddenly caves in. I warned ya!

Which brings me to wonder how many utterly unnecessary jobs are being held down today that have no infernal use in the world. Some bozo is actually out there making a Slinky, even as we speak. Does the world NEED a slinky? Well, there you have it.

I’m fairly convinced that all of Madison Avenue is nothing more than a collection of “intellectually challenged” rejects from Yale and Rutgers. There is this one that is driving me nuts right now. It’s another of those idiot “blue pill” ads. Some 50’s something jackass is driving his horses in a van, when, due to blindness I guess, he gets his truck stuck in the mud. Given that there is nothing around him for miles, one would think he could have driven around it. But no never. So to prove that men in their 50’s have reached a point of being nonplussed, (they obviously don’t know the Contrarian who is almost never nonplussed, but is plussed all the time) he calmly steps out into the mud, gets the horses out, hitches them up to a chain which he attaches to the under frame of the truck, and pulls the sucker out. Trouble is, the chain is clearly attached UNDER the front bumper, which means the guy had to get down on his knees to attach it, and damn there ain’t a speck of mud on those starched blue jeans. Do these Madison Avenue types who spend MILLIONS to create this visible garbage live in petri jars?

The Contrarian is up on the hill, digging a grave. No Bear is still with us, but damn he has his bad days, and we got to thinkin’ what would we do if he up and died during the winter, and well, so we are doing that ghoulish thing of “preparing for the worst” and hoping it won’t happen. And hey, just remember, don’t buy two dogs who are near in age, cuz the ungrateful damn things will up and die on you close in time. And they say it’s unnatural for your kids not to outlive ya. Tell that to a pet owner. Where is the justice in that?

I could go on, but heck, I have steaks to fry and a corn casserole to create right before your eyes. And actually, I’m having a peach of a day, since it’s October and still warm. I’d put that in my pipe and smoke it, but I did that already. And JESUS he’s watching a replay of the damn Packers game! Black hole, here I come.

The end.