It’s Not About the How Your Carburator is Doing!

Take quantum mechanics. What does that conjure up? Thoughts of grease-monkeys working on very tiny cars?

Actually, it’s pretty heady stuff. It deals with that portion of physics that deals with tiny particles and their wave-particle actions. (Remember that light particles (photons) are both particle and wave packets.

Well, the thing about quantum mechanics is that is works perfectly in ordering the world and making new things work out right. It is impossible to understand it however, since it is full of paradoxes. Objects are in more than one place at one time. They are “changed” by the very act of looking at them. They are not what they are until they are actually measured, and normal speed of light calculations don’t seem to apply.

Now I know it’s Saturday and there are lots of things to do, but surely one of the most important might be to go read the article and learn even more exciting things about things too small to be seen.

For instance: we might understand wavefunction collapse if only we understood how gravity played into it, thus we need to marry quantum theory and general relativity. Now, I know you are excited by that!

There is a must read over at the Nation which is got the blogosphere all alight. I heard it mentioned on MSNBC this morning and ran into it over at wearespectablenegroes just now. By the way, read Chauncey de Vega’s fine piece as well about liberal racism. It’s much-needed thinking for the progressives.

Melissa Harris-Perry has written the piece at the Nation entitled Black President, Double Standard: Why White Liberals are Abandoning Obama.

What if they gave a protest march and nobody came?

Well, not exactly. You see, THOUSANDS have been protesting across the nation against banks and other finance reforms. And guess what? the MSM has almost entirely ignored the whole thing.

A bunch of women were pepper sprayed in NYC and unless you watch Olbermann or the Daily Show, or Colbert, you probably didn’t know.

And the media is one vast left-wing conspiracy ain’t it Foxy Noise?

Is it just me or have people like the morning morons on Foxy and Hannity, and Rush, just not worth the effort of sophisticated bloggers and readers any more? I mean aren’t they really the fodder for the newbies? One expects utter nonsense from their mouths ALL the time, and what’s the point?

It’s a bit like quoting Michele any more. She’s beyond stupid. She’s beyond beyond, being beyond. The don’t count. Who cares?

How do you feel about the latest US assassination? Al Awlaqi and two other high-ranking Al Qaeda operatives (Al Awlaqi and another were American citizens) were killed in Yemen the other day by a predator drone.

I really feel uncomfortable about all this. Juan Cole has a good piece on it at Informed Comment. Go see what you think.

This from the Salon and their weekly Tweet contest, using the above hash #weekinatweet. Who knows, you may win next weeks!

Do you continue, as I do, to be astounded and so amazed at the willingness of the Syrian people to stand up to a bully dictator? They go out every day and lay their lives on the line in the name of freedom and democracy.

It’s fallen by the wayside of the MSM for the most part now, but the courage exhibited by these people is something we need to remember every day.

Oh, Michele said some more stupid things about abolishing food safety regulations. And Perry said some more stupid things about the intel on Al Awlaqi “probably came from Gitmo” without any evidence that it did. And Herman or “Herb” as our gal Sarah calls him, still thinks that the win in the Florida straw poll were votes for him and not votes against Perry and Romney.

Oh and this is good to know. Pat Buchanan assures us all that Herman Cain was correct in saying the African-Americans were “brainwashed” into voting Democratic all these years. White man says Black man is correct in saying other Blacks are stupid. Well, now that’s some endorsement isn’t it. Mr. House Negro Cain, must be so pleased. Buchanan also referred to liberalism as the “plantation”.

Ahh, ain’t it grand when the racists try to steal the language? This little ditty was posted at the Blaze. So maybe I’ll take a look and see if we can do a little Nincompoop post on this bit of trash.

Blaze is all up into this report cuz you know Cain is their main black man.

What’s on the Stove? Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, garlic bread and salad. Eat your heart out. The recipe will be posted on What’s on the Stove? later today I suspect or tomorrow at the latest.

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9 comments on “It’s Not About the How Your Carburator is Doing!

  1. Reamus says:

    Would they have shot Timothy McVeigh if they had to? The arguement seems to be that he was a “U.S. Citizen.” Yes, and that makes him different how from others who are shot or killed after abetting a crime or commiting one after fleeing the scene?

    carburEtor, please. My Father put me throuch college sellinbg them! Have a great weekend…the food sounds yummy!

    • Sherry says:

      I’m not persuaded that his being a citizen makes any different. I’m concerned about the whole idea of assassination itself.

  2. Ahab says:

    :: screams ::

    I’ve tried to post two times, without success! Attempt #3.

    Freak Out Nation and other blogs have been good sources of information on the New York protests, which the media is ignoring, unfortunately.

  3. pepsoid says:

    I have read much and understood little of quantum theory – weird and fascinating indeed!

    • Sherry says:

      I’ve read a bit less, watched a bunch of stuff about it on the science shows on TV and understand little, which I think makes me nearly an expert in the field.

  4. pepsoid says:

    You don’t have to read much to be totally flumoxed. I’m sure there must be someone, for example, who understands the following paragraph:

    “Quantum field theory (QFT) provides a theoretical framework for constructing quantum mechanical models of systems classically parametrized (represented) by an infinite number of dynamical degrees of freedom, that is, fields and (in a condensed matter context) many-body systems. It is the natural and quantitative language of particle physics and condensed matter physics. Most theories in modern particle physics, including the Standard Model of elementary particles and their interactions, are formulated as relativistic quantum field theories. Quantum field theories are used in many contexts, elementary particle physics being the most vital example, where the particle count/number going into a reaction fluctuates and changes, differing from the count/number going out, for example, and for the description of critical phenomena and quantum phase transitions, such as in the BCS theory of superconductivity, also see phase transition, quantum phase transition, critical phenomena. Quantum field theory is thought by many[who?] to be the unique and correct outcome of combining the rules of quantum mechanics with special relativity.”

    And that’s from the presumably dumbed-down Wikipedia!

    • Sherry says:

      Why, I understand it perfectly. But by your remarks, it seems you don’t there fore it wouldn’t make any sense for me to try to explain it, because you wouldn’t understand. HA. I”ll just be heading off to get my Nobel prize in physics now.

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