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Listen Up! Let the Sunshine Trailer Park Tea Party meetin’ come to order!

Let’s have a big thanks to Thelma for offerin’ up her place for the meetin’. She’s got the only double-wide among us, and we are growing big folks. I could seven here today. Ain’t that sumthin’?

Anyways, we are here to discuss that interview given by Morgan Freeman, sayin’ that us Tea Party folk are a bunch of racists.

“Who’s Morgan Freeman?”

“Oh he was that nice actor who played in Driving Miss Daisy, remember? I thought he did a good job.”

“Well, a roll like that came pretty darn natural to him I suspect.”

“Hey he played God in Bruce Almighty! That was funny.”

“That was a comedy for heaven’s sake. That was part of the joke you idiot. Him being God. Ever heard of anything that dumb? That Michael Anjello painted a pitcher of God on that ceiling where the Pope lives. Now I don’t truck much with those Catholics, but I figure that Pope feller knows what God looks like!”

“Okay, okay, calm down everybody. Verna is passing out copies of the article in Blaze. Everybody take a read, and for those who can’t George will read it to ya in the back. Then we can discuss it.

Thelma says there are some cocktail weenies and Ritz crackers and good old American cheese in the kitchen if ya need a snack.


(**What follows are true remarks from real people who posted comments about the article–lest any more morons drop by and be unable to understand the concepts of parody and satire.)


  • Freeman used to be my favorite actor. Now he‘s become the same trash that Hollywood bimbo’s seem to always become. Sad. I just threw Independence Day in the trash where it belongs.
  • Had to do a quick change and save Independence Day, and toss Deep Impact
  • Yes moron, get your movies right. I guess when you get down to it, they do all look pretty much alike.


  • Why is it that blacks are only for blacks? Who would have ever thought that Morgan Freedman was a racist? When will we begin to shun black racism and make it a bad thing? Its time. Morgan I will never watch your movies again for the simply reason that you cannot see beyond your skin color.
  • Um, do you see anything racist in what you just said? Blacks are only for blacks? And while you are at it, try looking up the world racism, and you might discover that there is no such thing as black “racism”


  • Who decided that 1 white mother + 1 black father = 1 black person I would say he is White, in Black Face.
  • Southern white men decided that a couple hundred years ago, when they declared that one drop of “black” blood disqualified a human being from having any rights. Go ahead continue pointing out how insufficient your education is.


  • I am a white middle age tea party member who wants pres. Obama out of office because of his pour performance. And i want mr. Herman cain to replace him. So put that in your “racist pipe and smoke it” mr. Freeman. I am tired of the black comunity telling me im a racist. 2 underqualified black men were given jobs i applyed for in my company, and guess what they could not handle the job, and when they finally offerd i said “no thanks” and found a job were my “actuall work expirerance” matterd. Why would i want to stay in that tipe of envire ment.. Have a nice day……………………………
  • No doubt the “job” did not include spelling or writing. Let me guess, you are not in favor of affirmative action? Why do all you folks use the term “black” and never African-American? 


  • Was going to see Dolphin Tail this week-end,  But Think I’ll wait for it to come on Netflix..
  • Way to make a serious political statement dude! Wait for Netflix!


  • Why can’t Hollywood actors just keep their mouths shut?!? I say that not because I don’t think they should be allowed to dialogue about politics — it’s just that they ruin it for all their fans when they do!
  • Yeah,  that dumb Ronald Reagan. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut. I’ve never been able to look at Gonzo or the Gipper the same since.


  • I will never watch a film where this racist pig is acting.Obummer is not black ,he is a mullatto that hates white people.This marxist half breed is destroying the USA.
  • You’re doin’ my job for me dude. Mullatto? You at least might try learning how to spell racist words.


  • I am a Tea Party fan. I want the “white” part of Obama out of Washington !
  • You guys are truly obsessed with this white/black thing aren’t ya?


  • Yes Morgan.. Couldn‘t have anything to do with obama’s false campaign that was a pack of lies to steal America’s vote. He was doomed from the beginning because he does not have the support of the electorate that was lied to and did NOT vote for this charlatan’s hidden agenda.
    I can name you three Black men that would wipe the floor with obama in a head to head election.
    1. Alan Keyes
    2. Herman Cain
    3. Alan West
    and there are many more that the truly racist left will die trying to destroy!

    But can you name me four? Naw, didn’t think so


  • @Godfather1……… Alan Keys was too conservative and too black I guess, because his racist community didn’t support him, did they? Can this possibly be proof that color isn’t the real issue?
    I think the real issue is most blacks on welfare don’t want to lose their sugar daddy.
  • You guys do know that you are stepping all over each other don’t ya? Let me see the racist blacks who only vote for Obama because he is sorta black, won’t vote for Keyes because it’s not about race. But it’s now about welfare?


  • The whole don’t be a racist **** is a scam. Sitting here and pretending we don’t give a damn, keeping our mouth shut, watching these sob’s destroying our cities, destroying our families, taking jobs they aren’t qualified for just because of their race, making the rest of us work twice as hard for less pay because we have the wrong color skin. While they gang together commit massive voter fraud, lie and threaten violence against old people and elect a foreign bastard that hates everything great about this nation, and wants to see us slaves to a bunch of his rich/socialists buddies.
  • Nice of ya to come out of that cave and really give us the low down. Don’t mince words swamp, let out all your ugly venom at all the folks who are keeping you down. You coulda been somebody were it not for “them.”

See ya next time, folks. It was a good D-skushun.

**There were 37 pages of this crap. I got all this off of the first 2.  

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