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Well, hi there. Long time no see.  I have returned. It seems a little strange. I’ve never not blogged for this long before.

Anyways, as I am wont to say, things are better on this side of the Mississippi. I’m not sure what I wish to say about it, but suffice it to say that a claim was placed against our property, and disproving it required a lot of disparate documents, that we were afraid might be long gone.

Well, they weren’t, and so far we have disproven most of the claim. We are still waiting for a few things to arrive.

We have, however determined that our window of opportunity for moving this year is really closed. So we will wait until spring. We will continue to get things ready and hopefully next year all will go smoothly and with much less anxiety. I’ll be way ahead on the packing for sure!

So that’s that.

Hope you like the new look. I wanted something much cleaner and easier to load. So I did away with lots of the silly stuff, cuz, heck we aren’t silly are we? I’m not happy with the header yet, but those are much harder to find. I’m still wandering around Google Images from time to time seeking the right one.

That being said, boy has nothing changed in the world of politics? It was really impressed on me that it’s just the same old crap day in and day out. The same tired arguments, the same crazy people.

While the GOP pretended they were prepared to play nice after President Obama’s jobs creation speech, the truth will out. They are gonna stonewall it by and large. Stupidly they are making it clear once again, that getting read of the dark one in the White House trumps the country’s well-being. 3ChicsPolitico has a variety of snippets from around the political world noting that the TeaNutz® still seem to have the GOP by the short hairs.

All my seeming indifference and whatever to the mass of “today’s political scene” is rather creatively looked at by Jay Merrick, in a well done piece on post modernism. We have slipped into an “whatever” mentality, that includes a boredom with everything. The world today is one where ALL opinions are ALL put forth for our examination and agreement. No one is weeding out the inane, insane, or pure crap any more. We are called upon to judge it all, and we’ve pretty much given up. Make sense? Go read what he says, since he says it way better than me anyway.

I don’t know what you did, but we did our level best to avoid the 9/11 “festivities”. That was an editorial comment. That is what most of it was. No doubt there were some events that were important to the people who were most directly effected. What is always horrifying to me, is that there is a type of person who seems to get a rush over watching “tragedy” again and again. Perhaps it is a sense of feeling “left out” and this lets them feel part of important national events. I don’t know. I only know that I do not want to see the “planes hit the towers” or the “buildings collapsing” one more time.  And you?

What I particularly dislike is  all the cheap publicity offered by entertainment entities, each offering that their “heartfelt” sympathies to the “families who lost loved ones”. Sorry, but it all seems to contrived to me. Keep you “first responders” ball caps to yourself. And you?

My greatest fear (well not really, but I’m trying to make a point) about Ricky “loud-mouth” Perry, is that his BIG Mouth (echos of Jackie Gleason please) would end his campaign before he had secured the GOP nomination and made my day.

It seems the hairhead is well on the way. He did basically a good thing for not good reasons in regard to ordering young girls to be vaccinated against the HPV virus. Course it’s not a “small government” kind of act, and so he’s scrambled to say that he did it the wrong way. However he has flat-out lied about his financial interests.

In the recent debate he did a, “you can’t buy me for $5,000” retort to the claim that his campaign financial benefited from his order. (Merck manufactures the vaccination and contributed the money.) Turns out that Perry got more like $30,000 from Merck, which I guess answers the question of what amount he can be bought for. Perry’s in deep poo here I think.

The six rational Republicans left in the GOP (no don’t ask me to name them, that would take it down to probably two), are mighty worried I suspect at what has been happening at these silly debates. The one hosted by CNN (wasn’t that the silliest crap you’ve ever seen at the beginning?), was apparently reserved for TeaNutz® only. The one at the Reagan Thrill library was more a composite I’m told.

Anyway, we you not disturbed when there was rousing clapping to the fact that Texas under Perry had executed well over 200 people? (by the by, projected across the nation that would mean about 15,000 executions, so ponder that.) Then on the CNN Ron Paul is applauded for saying that basically a dying person who chose not to get insurance should be abandoned to die.

This IS the way the TeaNutz® think. It is what they BELIEVE. According to Michele (help my 15 minutes of fame is nearly up) Bachmann, this is the AMERICAN WAY. Well, I seriously hope not. My fervent hope is that the middle of roaders out there are just as appalled by this kind of thinking as we progressives are.

I guess we will find out.