The Contrarian only last week reminded me that you only get to start your life once.

You see, I tend to live in the future I am aiming for.

Now it seems that future has been temoporarily placed on hold.

We won’t be moving until next year.

I am devastated.

I am trying to cope.

I am dealing with the reality of having a lot on my plate right now.

Thankfully we have each other.

It is nothing but the normal legal crap gone awry. It will be worked out in time.

I don’t feel like blogging.

I don’t care about politics.

I may be back in a week, month or never. I just don’t know.

We are well, and gently refocusing on today.

Please don’t comment. It is unnecessary, and quite frankly, I’m not up to it.

Blessings my dear friends.

Until we meet once more.