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The Contrarian and I agree upon a good many things. We are presently engaged in an argument (friendly I assure you) about who the GOP candidate will ultimately be.

I’m fairly sure it will be Perry, he Romney.

The Contrarian argues that Perry is nuts (no argument there) and that the monied interests will stay with Romney who protects their interests, and thus Mitty will have more money and out-spend Perry.

I argue that two-thirds of the GOP is now firmly locked into the TeaNutz® pathology, and will feed Ricky all the money he needs through the various Super Pacs, and votes still matter.

Of course the President will easily overcome Perry in the general election, while that is not quite so clear if the nominee is Romney. So, it’s a good thing if I’m right.

While Bachmann, Santorum, and Newt tend to downplay their more bizarro social ideas ala “it’s the economy stupid”, Perry seems more than willing to weigh in on evolution and climate change with no hesitation.

From Perry we hear the same tired wacko refrain, “it’s only a theory” and “it’s got plenty of gaps in it.” Yes, that is all true, and scientists (real evolutionary biologists and others) have responded again and again that so is gravity, and so is general and special relativity. Yet we have structured our lives around these things being true, and so far, they’ve behaved as expected. Perry also is unaware or chooses to ignore that a multitude of other disciplines base their experimental theories on evolution–like MEDICINE for instance, and some would argue have made giant leaps because of it.

Funny that once upon a time, such thinking (or lack of it actually) about evolution being only a theory, and thus worthy of no more attention that a working hypothesis on how to rewire your home without a manual, was considered “old-fashioned”.  Woodrow Wilson, when asked whether he believed in evolution in 1912, said this:

“that of course like every other man of intelligence and education I do believe in organic evolution. It surprises me that at this late date such questions should be raised.”

The same pretty much goes man-made climate change. The scientific community is quite seriously in agreement. Those who deny, such as Perry and Bachmann and others of their ilk do so out of religious stupidity, and/or reliance on “science” provided them by those in the pay of the greatest polluters. One has to posit a gigantic conspiracy which includes dozens of countries and complicit governments all hell-bent to convince us an untruth for some unknown reason.

This all caused John Huntsman to step out boldly (hey he had to do something to get attention) and declare via tweet that Perry and those types would destroy the GOP with their anti-science rhetoric.

But the GOP seems en mass to like its position as the party of stupid. They push the anti-intellectual model all the time, especially through their mouthpiece Foxy Noise “Fake and UnBalanced”. You can’t have it both ways guys. You either train your chimps to salivate at stupidity and chew their “treat” mindlessly, or not. If you choose to, then you are stuck with candidates like Perry, Santorum, Bachmann and Newtie.

The old-line GOP, the Boehners and Bill Kristols, the Krauthammers, they thought they could control these morons but they can’t. The learned that most significantly with gal pal Sarah, who was gonna be their Dubya replacement, all smiling and stupidly staying on message–their message. But Sarah was a wild thang and they couldn’t corral that mustang.

Now they wear out their knees kissing the stinky toes of the likes of Christie, Ryan, Daniels, and yeah even good old Jeb in the hopes of pushing one of them into the breach to save them from themselves. Well, you reap what ya sow.

Ya see, Perry is addicted to the limelight and I submit has no real philosophical adherence to any value whatsoever. He’s simply worked with what would work. Bachmann may in fact be a true believer (ya gotta be to go to tax school because it’s the right thing to do as a good Christianist submissive wife). Santorum is just looking for a job, any job. Newt? Newt is running because it’s how he makes his living–read parasite and grifter.

All are dancing to a tune that is keeping them moving along in one way or another, and thus they will continue to play to a minority of Americans. And that’s a very good thing. The majority will never vote for idiots like these.

So, I’m a Perry “supporter”. Where sit you?