It seems a time to offer a bit of explanation.

Normally, I write Monday-Saturday with Sunday devoted to my other blog Walking in the Shadows.

As some of you may have noticed, over the last few weeks, I’ve been missing other days during the week.

We are moving forward towards our move to New Mexico. It is not going as smoothly as I would like, or as fast. However it is moving forward. We’re engaged in a number of things that are nearing fruition and require attention at not always the most convenient times.

We are having appointments to finalize various things, selling farm machinery, and awaiting important phone calls on some days. Since we have dial-up and no cell phone, I can’t be on the computer when we are waiting for that “morning” call that usually ends up coming at ll:45 am.

I just thought to explain. I’m not getting tired of blogging, nor, at least on most days, running out of things to say.  Mostly I detest all this moving crap, but it has to be done. And it is. The Contrarian reminds me that we only start life once, and so whether I like it or not, this “between” time is really my life right now.

Get with you hopefully tomorrow!