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As many of you know, we have two dogs. Our male, Bear is nearly 14, a very old age for a border collie. Our female, Brandy, is 11. Given her rather strange build, (huge chest, short legs, big head) I always figured her for heart problems.

Well, Brandy is having a bad time. She went outside last night, and hasn’t come back in. She’s unable to get up, and it’s from weakness rather than something mechanical. She is not panting but breathing very hard. She seems in no pain, despite my proddings and pushing. We have got her on a blanket and have a bucket of water close, and we are letting her be. I fear she’s had a heart attack.

We’ve debated trying to move her, but she weighs nearly a hundred pounds and we fear the trauma of trying to muscle her around might finish her. I’d rather she pass at home rather than at a sterile vet’s office. As I said, she seems fairly comfortable except for the breathing. She’s home and we check on her every few minutes.

We have discussed these issues many times in the last few months as we know we are on borrowed time with both of them. Bear hurt his leg badly a few weeks ago, and we thought he might give up, but he got better and seems good again. He is watching over her today, sitting on the porch overlooking where she is laying.

Which all is to say that I don’t feel like blogging today. It doesn’t take much to send me into tears. She is a member of the family. We are praying that she recovers. But we are preparing ourselves that she may not.

Give you pets a special hug today.