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We all know that Sista Sarah is the Queen of Whine, but really this does take the cake.

First we had John Bolton, Mr. Unconfirmable, tell us that this was “a classic terrorist effort” and specifically “Islamic terrorism.”

Then of course plenty of other right-wingers did the same.

What are we talking about? The Oslo massacre. Of course, it turned out that the actor was a Christian fundamentalist, steeped in a whole lot of anti-Muslim hate.

So who are the victims? The dead? The wounded? The family of those slain and injured? The nation of Norway? My heavens no.

The real victims are the right-wing anti-Muslim movement. Gracious me.

So says the right-wing rag FrontPageMag. Their cause has been harmed by the Norwegian who went on a shooting spree killing dozens. Now the Left will be using the event to point the finger at them. After all it was “perfectly reasonable” for everyone to assume that the Oslo killings were at the hands of Islamic Jihadists.

But the Left will use Breivik to divert attention from worldwide jihad, to advance their cultural Marxism, and to demonize the defenders of freedom.

Yeah, whine on you awful people.That is some serious chutzpah. . .or as Michele says Choots-pa.

I was watching the Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd this morning on MSNBC. He had a couple of “expert” Washington watchers. Both agreed that this Congress may well be the most dysfunctional of all time. One of the guys went on to say something that I think explains it all quite well.

Basically he claimed that both parties now act like parliamentary parties, in other words, they are entirely ideological. There is no longer a middle. But they are not in a parliamentary system of government where the majority simply enacts its laws. Instead the GOP is now functioning as a party of NO to every and all legislation proposed by the Democrats. Their goal is not to govern and do what is right for the country, but to deny the other Party of any “wins.” Newt Gingrich authored this manner of retaliation back in the 90’s. It is in full flourish now.

The Democrats did the same basic thing between 2006-08, though we of course would argue that it was to effectively stop the horrible actions of the Bush administration. In any case, he argued, there is no courage exhibited by anyone to do the right thing–only the politically “right” thing. 

Perhaps we will see the beginnings of a new party, or just a growing number of folks running as “Independents”, beholden to neither side, who will act on behalf of us. We can but hope.

Remember the lovely Reince Priebus? You know who I mean. Head of the RNC? Well I was reading a post from Brilliant at Breakfast yesterday about his call-out to the faithful to send money in the wake of the Democrats and their “insatiable hunger for ever higher taxes, greater government growth, reckless spending and massive trillion-dollar deficits”.

Jurassicpork has coined (or at least I think he/she has) a new term, that frankly left me chuckling on and off all day. Reince Priebus = Rinsed Penis.

Well, heck a laugh is a laugh…and I thought it a mighty good one.

Oh, and I also read Moe’s great post on the deficit. The chart really explains it all. I just wish Obama would grab some prime time, set up the charts, and SHOW the public the real numbers.

Reason 3,739 which Rethuglians are unfit to “govern.” Remember our old friend Scott Walker? Ya know who I mean, union buster and about to be recalled Walker? Well the thug is at it again. Among other awful things, his band of GOPers and he have managed to disenfranchise tons of Wisconsinites with their new voter ID law.

We all know that this is aimed at reducing the number of Democrats able to vote, and thus help them win elections when they are truly not the favored candidate. But knowing that the Democrats will do everything in their power to help seniors, students, and the poor to get those ID’s, Walker figured out another good ploy to deny the desires of the people.

At that would be? Why closing ten DMV offices statewide–all of which are in heavily Democratic locations and extending the hours to get those voter ID’s in typically Republican areas.

The GOP is upfront: they will change the rules to cheat and win. Meanwhile a  Brennan Center for Justice study shows that voter fraud nationally accounts for 44 one millionths of one percent of all votes cast.

Does Walker think that voters won’t remember?

Gosh, I went and gone and done it again. Screwed up.

A week or so ago, the Contrarian and I went to the SS office to get my name changed. (Okay so I am a bit lazy, but really there was no good reason to do it until now when we are about to apply to SS in a few months.)

So anyway, I arrived with a “copy” of my marriage certificate as requested. Except they corrected that to the “original” so a trip to the Clerk of the Court ensued. Back to the SS office and I finished the paperwork. She swung the screen around and I tried to make out the information on the screen with my bifocals. And said it looked “fine.”

I got my card. Middle name wrong. I changed my middle name from Ann to my maiden name of McCameron. I just use the initial M. So I call them.

Yeah, you guessed it, I gotta go back. I failed to catch THEIR error. My bad.

A fine example of bureaucracy in action.