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Okay, so that really didn’t happen. I’m not eating in the tub. . .yet. I am reading in it, and otherwise spending a good deal of time each day lolling in it. I change it about every third sploosh.

There is an art to splooshing. Technically it’s not a sploosh at all since a sploosh is a getting all wet and then getting out. It’s a drive-by bath.

No, I call it splooshing because I like the word. But it involves an extended visit to the tub, remaining submerged as much as possible to the neck, and for at least twenty minutes. I find this the optimum time to take down the core temperature.

We here in the meadow always felt pretty darn superior in our gutting out the dog days of summer without air conditioning. Who wanted to shut up the windows and doors and remain in the house during nature’s outpouring of beauty? Not we.

We managed the occasional day of fierce heat with the sploosh and the fan. We survived.

We are barely surviving this unrelenting punishment however. We are in day five of 95° or better temps. The heat index is 110° or better. Some days, there has been not a whisper of a breeze. Some nights the air is simply oppressive. I have taken to my bath at 3 am for relief.

We are eating from a giant bowl of pasta salad, supplemented by hard-boiled eggs, various lunchmeat sandwiches, and a quick burger before it gets too hot.

So, all this is meant not to engender your sympathy. We could have hooked up the air and we chose not to. It is meant to identify  the causation of today’s snark. I’m hot as hell, and I’m gonna take it until Mother Nature chooses to relent.

I’m gonna keep these short, because there are so many hellaciously idiotic morons knuckle-dragging their way through America today. Follow the links to read more of course.

I’m often told that the TeaPeople are not universally racists and hate-mongering bigots. Mostly I don’t believe it, although I suspect a fair number of them do. It’s one thing to disagree with a person’s politics, but when you continue in your screed to make thinly veiled references to a person’s sexuality, well, I think we can safely call you a homophobe. Read more about Tea Party Nation’s attack on Barney Frank.

To continue from yesterday, when someone tells you “we have a spending problem,” calming tell them, “no, we have a revenue problem. Ten years ago, the GOP pushed through the Bush tax cuts, reducing revenue to all time lows, and requiring us to borrow to pay off the spending spree that Dubya then went on. Now ten years later we are still waiting for the money to ‘trickle’ down our way.”

If you didn’t already know it, Allen West, (R-FL) is one horse’s ass. He seems to glory in making outrageous statements such as “I have a higher Pentagon clearance than the “unbelievable” given his districts heavy use of Medicare. West responded by calling names: He called Debbie: vile, unprofessional and despicable, a coward, characterless, and no lady. He told her to shut up, and called her out. Laughably, he said he was turning over a copy of his e-mail to his party’s leadership presumably so she could be properly chastised by them. What a dick.

So many dicks, so little time. (And no, that was not a call for wanton sleeping around!). Joe Walsh? Heard of that Peter Principle in action? He’s one of the new TeaPeople congressmen and from Illinois. He thinks he’s a tough guy and his people are in charge, so he calls the President a “liar”. Walsh seems intent on out-stupiding the likes of Steve King and Joe Barton. Well he was on Chris Matthews and may a screaming jackass out of himself, yelling “hey Chris” about 57 times in three minutes. Mr. Concrete Head said that the CCB bill had a “great” chance of passing into law (uhuh) and that he was not ruled by Grover Norquist, “because he has signed plenty of pledges”. He could not answer one simple question: where are the specific cuts in CCB? Instead he referred to President Obama as “your” president.

Today’s Rethuglian doublespeak: It’s Obama’s debt. Since he has been in Washington, (six years),  the debt has increased by 50%. Read: Obama is now responsible for the entire 4 years of Bush’s second term. I can just imagine the conversation each morning: “Hello Barack? George here. What are your orders my future President?” When all the polls are against ya, well make the lies even bigger.

Does anybody care that Tim (boring, boring boring) Pawlenty is making a last-ditch stand in Iowa? Nope, didn’t think so.

Well, it’s over 90° and I’m off to my bath and book. Keep cool.