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Rightly speaking, this essay applies to both parties, but one has to admit that Turd Blossom brought this art to a new level. Of what do I speak? The art of doublespeak, of obfuscation, of exact opposite, of gobbledygook.

Since there are now new phrases in our political lexicon, I thought it best to review a few of the more commonly used one, so we can all be on the same page.

My favorite, and used by both sides, is “the American People.”

Yes, we are the pawn of both sides. We are simultaneously for and against the same things, if you believe the parties. We are wise, we “know” tons of things.

When you hear the phrase “the American people” escape the lips of a politician, be sure that he/she is about to try to convince you that you too should agree because “the American people” already do. Don’t be the last on your block to fall into line.

So we have Boehner saying the American people don’t want any taxes to be part of the budgetary agreement, and Mr. Obama says that 80% do. The fact that one is right and other wrong may be true, but in fact both are using the phrase to convince those listening.

The reality is that neither party thinks the American people know a damn thing. We are idiots in their opinion. Of this you can be sure. Why?

Why because they rather blatantly announce that “the debt ceiling will be raised” (to assure Wall Street) and then talk about a number of votes that will be set up this week so that TeaPeople will have the opportunity to “formally” vote “no”  on the debt ceiling. This so when election time rolls around, they can say with truth that they voted against the debt ceiling increase.

We are apparently of such short memory that we will forget this. This kind of thing has been done for years in Washington. Certain members are “allowed” to vote against the party line because it will help them in their districts or state. We are so stupid that we can’t figure this out, so they believe.

It’s rather amusing to watch people like John Kyl give assurances that the debt ceiling will be raised, all the while in the background balanced budget amendments, and no debt ceiling raise without trillions in domestic spending are organized. All will fail, of this everyone is sure. But all those TeaPeople can stand up with the pretence that they held tough. Yeah right.

Of course, part of McConnell’s plan, which in some form will likely pass, is to force the debt ceiling issue onto the Democratic party. His party will be free at various points in time to offer meaningless “no” votes against it. Again, so they can honestly claim they “fought” the debt ceiling raise.  Yeah right.

My next favorite phrase is the new Republican creation: “job creators”.

Isn’t that a nice phrase? Those folks who create jobs, the arguably only thing the American people really care about right now.

Rubio, on ABC’s Sunday show, said, and I paraphrase:

“When I talk to job creators, they tell me universally that they need assurance that their taxes won’t be raised and that they won’t be burdened with these regulations that impede growth. If we can lower taxes and get rid of onerous regulations, then they can begin to invest in growth once more.”

Okay. That sounds reasonable doesn’t it? But what are job creators? Why they are Corporations and CEO’s. Substitute the word CEO for job creators in the above statement and see what you think now. Doesn’t every CEO and every corporation in the country by definition want lower taxes and no regulations? Duh.

But calling them job creators makes it appear that it is unreasonable to stymie the will of those whom we depend on to survive as individuals. And you will hear the phrase “job  creators” everywhere in the Republican speak now. CEO and Corporation are dirty words, synonymous with rich folk. And everyone is agreed–most people want the rich to pay more.

The most laughable lengths this takes is with someone like Crazy Michele. Michele was asked about her husbands therapy business and whether it offered “reparative” therapy to gay individuals. She dodged that issue claiming she was there to talk about job creation. When pressed she announced, and again I paraphrase:

“I am very proud of our business and being one of the job creators in America.”

Now explain to me how a clinical psychologist is a job creator?

Business cannot be named without reference now to job creator. “Exxon-Mobile wants to boil your children. It’s a necessary thing for the JOB CREATOR to do.”

Such is the loopy world of Washington. Sadly all the adults live elsewhere.

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