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We were awakened this morning around 5 a.m. by a tremendous clap of thunder. That sent the Contrarian scurrying to unhook the computer. Rains ensued, but what came after was much worse–intense winds.

We at one point heard a great bang and then I saw a tree limb again laying across the front. As the winds subsided and dawn filled in the sky, we saw another destructive wind storm and it’s victims.

While we didn’t lose as many trees or as big limbs, the Contrarian has had to use the chain saw to cut limbs too big to move out of the lane to get up town. I went out and found him and helped move about four good-sized limbs.

Power went out about 5:30, came on about thirty minutes later, and then shut down again after about one minute. It has now been restored at around noon.

So, I have not the time to get the post up I was hoping for. Tomorrow for sure, if the creek don’t rise nor the wind blow us to Nebraska.

We have yet to see what our roof damage is. There is a long water stain on the ceiling in the living room, so one limb must have busted through, enough to let in a bit of rain. Not a lot, so it won’t be a big problem to get a tarp over it.

It appears the meadow wished to offer us one last sign of its displeasure with our leaving it. Given the crap others in this country are enduring, we consider ourselves lucky.

It’s been a day. Hope yours is ever so much better!