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A few minutes in my reader each day usually leaves me foaming at the mouth at the utter idiocy that passes for lawmaking in this country. Never has a country suffered such buffoonery as we endure.

Each day I find examples on the federal and state level of excessive stupidity that somehow managed to get elected and purport to “govern” us, those they so lovingly call the American people.

They presume to know what I, (an American person) want, believe, and support. Mr. Boehner for instance tells me that I don’t want higher taxes, while Mr. Reid tells me I do. I am simultaneously for and against the debt limit being raised.

So today we have a large contingent of lawmakers, (and any others that fit the bill), all vying for your vote as the STUPIDO of the day, week, or month. (I suppose we could find a new array every hour, but that would be taxing our sanity.)

First up to bat is Joe Barton, (R-TX). This dimwit in the US House wishes to repeal the light bulb efficiency standards law enacted bipartisanly back in the times of Dubya. Contender Barton mumbles something about government over reach in interfering with states, and something unintelligible about mercury (about which he has already established a lack of credentials) in his fight to cost the taxpayers both jobs and money.

Joe Blowheart wants us to lose 12 billions in energy savings, so he can poke a stick at somebody (presumably Democrats). By the way, the manufacturing industry approves wholeheartedly the move over to high efficiency light bulbs.

Joe Barton–a worthy candidate for the Stupido award.

P.S. Joe jackass was the one who apologized to BP for expecting them to pay for the clean-up of the Gulf oil disaster.

 Candidate number two is the dear “being gay is a choice” presidential wannabe, Michele *forget I said that* Bachmann. Michele can’t decide what is more important to the future of America–jobs and the economy, the hated “Obamacare” or as she terms it,”the most important issue facing the country in the next 30 years–gay marriage.”

While most GOPers manage to hide their delight at the stagnant economy, Michele doesn’t bother. She understands that the American people are happy remain unemployed and lose their jobs if it means that it gives her a better chance at winning the top spot.

When asked if she found it ironic that as the economy floundered her chances improved, she admitted that that might well be, “at least I hope so.

Contendah numeral three: Orin Hatch the booby from Utah says he is just really sick and tired of the poor whining about how the rich get all the breaks. Time for the poor to step up and pay their fair share of the taxes in this country.

Hatchet brain of course doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Fourth offering: NJ State Senate Prez, Stephen Sweeney. This dunderhead cut a deal with Chris Christie, the rotund and all-around arrogant bully Governor, that screwed with unions pensions and health care in the state. Sweeney thought Christie would honor their deal. But then Christie is a GOPer and Sweeney shoulda known better.

Gov Chris used his line-item veto to slash and cut Sweeney into tiny pieces, punishing every Democratic move in the budget.

So Sweeney has been calling Christie names ever since, but I suspect it won’t be enough to save him from the Democrats who were appalled at his treason. Sweeney did a deal with the devil and is shocked that the devil didn’t play fair.

Is he your choice?

So dat’s it folks. You got four choices here. Vote and tell me who should win the Stupido Award! Vote often. No ID required. Ballots will be judged on creativity! Write-ins welcome. My decision is not subject to logic.