So I was sitting in the living room, nursing my first cup of coffee, wondering how it could be so insanely hot and humid this early in the morning, when a shadow passed before me through the window.

I looked, and saw what appeared to be a very large bird perching in my maple that sits no more than about twenty-five feet from my living room window.

I called the Contrarian, pointing him in the direction of what I thought I was seeing, when a flurry of wings went by, and oodles of small feathered birds floated upward to take up perches in said tree, while the parents, joined the juveniles. Indeed, this turkey family had had a very successful hatching.

I had seen and heard a female clucking around for some weeks, but now I see she has raised successfully quite a number of new offspring. Not particularly cute, but then they take after mom.

Turkeys often perch in trees at night,  but usually only do so during the day when frightened. I have no idea what was out and about this morning that caused her to bring her brood to tree, but they stayed up there for quite a while.

Did I mention it is hot? So hot that we postponed our shopping trip tomorrow when it promises (for what that is worth) to be a bit cooler and less humid. Fans are running full tilt and it helps a bit, but it’s miserable. Dinner is simply whatever you want when you want it, and don’t bother me!

I will spend a goodly portion of the day lounging in the tub, sans the jets. Just cool water. I guess God wishes us to remember exactly why we are moving to New Mexico. Winter was unpleasant with too much snow and cold, and now we are having a fairly lousy summer, with less rain than has become the norm, but with awful heatwaves. Heat indices (we can’t just have temperatures now, we gotta have indices so it can be worse) are supposed to be well above 100°, although actual temps are supposed to be around 95°.

Which all means, that I don’t feel like blogging much, because it’s just too damn hot and I’m already miserable!

Since tomorrow is a shopping day, don’t expect much from me tomorrow either, if anything. The weather is supposed to break tonight, and it can’t come soon enough for me.

Stay cool!