What’s Rattling My Cage Today

Last evening, we watched a one-hour program on marriage equality in Iowa. It featured a debate between the two sides, along with a film that gave a brief history of the issue and interviewed a number of same-sex couples about the importance of marriage in their lives.

Bob Vander Plaats, the acknowledged leader of the religious right’s successful effort to unseat three of the Supreme Court justices who ruled on the now famous Varnum v. O’Brien case, was one of the debaters.

We got the usual crap and misinformation. Our sacred Founding Fathers set up a government based on God and the bible, God mandated that marriage was the union of one man and one woman, therefore. . . .

Course none of that is particularly true. In fact it is mostly untrue.

And then he went on to say that all studies show that children grow up best when they come from a family that includes one mother and one father.

Except there are NO such studies that show this. All the studies show that a loving nurturing parent(s) produce well-adjusted happy children. Apparently Vander Plaats never read the opinion in Varnum, where the unanimous court also pointed out that those who were opposed to marriage equality also made the claim that it was detrimental to children without producing any evidence.

Failed Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Vander Plaats also argued that the “law is still the law” since the Supreme Court has no power to legislate from the bench. Except that the Constitution of Iowa is superior to any legislative act and like in every other state of the union, Iowa’s Supreme Court is called upon to determine constitutionality of any law that is challenged on constitutional grounds.

I guess in Vander Idiot’s world the Jim Crow laws are still on the books in the South, and I guess he thinks that the SCOTUS sent a letter to Kansas and said, we don’t think your school segregation is lawful, so please put it up for a vote among Kansans and let us know what they decide. That’s what Vander Dope thinks the Iowa court should have done–put sent it back for a vote by the people.

Does Vander Crap understand that even a constitutional amendment in Iowa would still have to be upheld by the Federal government’s equal protection clause?

Does Vander Stupid realize that we periodic re-election of sitting judges is not meant to remove judges who sometimes you disagree with but rather to remove those guilty of serious malfeasance or incompetence?

Does Vander Loonie know that his out-of-state sponsored and paid for campaign against these justices amounted to nothing more than vengeance, and changed nothing in terms of the law?

Does Vander Crazy know that by a huge margin, mostly nobody in Iowa thinks that the allowing of gays the rights of marriage has had any impact on their lives whatsoever?

Does Vander Sicko know that claiming that this is some kind of slippery slope where next men will be marrying their daughters and women their dogs is nothing but a red herring, so ludicrous and bereft of common sense as to be not worth anybody’s time to argue. Can you prove that those types of alliances are detrimental and dangerous and pose health risks? Certainly. End of story.

Does Vander Jackass want to have a  world in which his interpretation of the bible is mandated for everyone else to follow? Sure he does.

Does Vander Clueless understand that there is such a thing as separation of church and state because it’s been found that politics and religion made bad bedfellows? Certainly, but folks like him don’t care. As long as it’s their religious teaching that is enforced.

Since Bob is a right-wing fringe wacko, nobody took him seriously. Well, with a ton of outside money and blatant misinformation, he managed to convince something like 300,000+ Iowa voters that somehow the justices had taken over their right to decide these things by vote. It is not their right, and never was.

The same mistake will not be made in 2012 when more of the justices who ruled in the Varnum case will come up for election. Groups across the state are busily forming, and speaking out, informing the public of the truth.

Vander Nuts and his band of mean-spirited and hateful wingnuts know their window of opportunity is narrow. More and more states are joining Iowa. New York is ready to add marriage equality to their state law. Polls now have a solid majority who favor either marriage or civil union for gay couples. And worse for them, inside those polls the story is even more telling. As you move down in age, the numbers go even higher. Plainly the next generation will not even consider such discrimination.

That’s just one of the things that has rattled my cage today. How ’bout you?

What in the World is Going on in South Dakota?

Right away, you know you are in trouble when the state you are looking at has a direction in the name. Worse, it also means that it has few creative minds, since it was too lazy to make up its own name but took the easy way out, being a north or a south of somebody else. Being the south of somebody else’s state is dumber than being the north, because if one is north, it goes without saying that anything south is south, so it’s kinda superfluous.

But I’m not giving much credit to North Dakota here either. They obviously came upon this solution together, since both were admitted into the union on the same day.

Okay, now where did the name Dakota come from? As is so usual in the USA, we believe in murdering native indigenous peoples, but we do like their names. Dakota is named after the Lakota Sioux and the “Dakota” Sioux, although you never hear of them, and it’s more likely that the fine folks of the region are just hard of hearing and heard Lakota as Dakota. Otherwise, it should be LADAkota or something like that.

It is a most confused state in other respects. It is considered part of the Midwest, but also the Great Plains, as opposed to the no-so-great Plains. In every respect it claims to have more in common with the West, so these folks aren’t good at directions, and get lost a lot. Given that there aren’t a lot of people who choose to live there (I wonder why?) getting lost can mean days of meandering around looking for another human being, one that more than likely will have no better clue as to where you are than you had.

Not content with being a South, it subdivides itself into  western and eastern areas, as well as the area known as the Black Hills, which is mostly there for tourists. If you should decide to visit there, (surely you would have no other reason), head for the southwest corner where all the good stuff is.

They tell you it’s a pleasant place to live, having four seasons, like this is something to be sought after. That is just code for “it’s too damn cold” most of the time. I counted at best about four good months out of the year, and that means a whole lot of cabin fever, and as I said, it ain’t like you get many neighbors.

The whole state was part originally of the landmass known as the Louisiana Purchase, the large tract of land that Jefferson got from Napoleon for a song. Napoleon never saw South Dakota, making that decision as soon as he discovered that it was as cold as Moscow in the winter, and his tootsies might frostbite on the march south.

Most if not all of the wretched place might have been left to the Lakota who for some reason really liked the place. But then, GOLD was discovered, and the natives had to go. White folks are enamoured of that stuff, and in short order wars began and lots of killing took place. The gold was discovered by Custer (yes THAT one) who was nosing around in the Black Hills which didn’t belong to him.

Less than a million people have failed to find a good home, and call this state theirs. Most people are “white” which ought to tell you something about who has common sense in this country. Most of these are Germans, and I’m not sure what that means. Native Peoples remain loyal to their sacred grounds although they live in some of the worst poverty of the entire country, and frankly there is nothing funny about that at all.

On the up side, there are no state income taxes. This is seen as a last-ditch effort to keep people from going elsewhere. New residents are given a goody bag with a state flag, a bag of peanuts, a statuette of Mount Rushmore, and two coupons for a dollar off at the Bob Evans fancy restaurant in Pierre the capital.

Usually, the state is run by Republicans. This stands to reason since dreary people are always Republican. It sends one representative to the Federal House of Representatives.

The lottery is big business there since everyone is trying desperately to hit it big and get the hell out of there. There are public libraries in all cities with populations greater than 5,000 and they have amassed a circulating inventory of now 56 books statewide.

The North American Continental pole of inaccessibility is located between Allen and Kyle, and not a single person knows what that means, but it’s extra credit on history tests across the state, and those who correctly relate it also get a free coupon worth a dollar off at Bob Evans fancy restaurant in Pierre.

Several artists come from South Dakota, but I never heard of any of them. Laura Ingalls wrote those prairie books and served as the subject of the great television hit, Little House on the Prairie where little Joe Cartwright got married and had kids. Ben never visited because he went off to be the Commander on Battlestar Galactica. Just a bit of history for ya.

Rapid City is a place to be avoided at all costs. Something very witchy is going on there. If you look, the temperatures in Rapid City are always way out of kilter given its northern location. I notice that because South Dakota appears on regional weather maps that include Iowa. It’s really creepy how it can be 40° warmer there than points five hundred miles south of them. Satan may well call Rapid City a way station on the way to H E L L. Not sure, but be wary.

Television is severely prescribed in the state. Many shows are banned because they show South Dakotans just how really really lousy is their life compared to the rest of the country. Attempts have been made to set up roadblocks on all highways leading out of the state with signs like “bridge washed out” “railroad derailment ahead” and “endless buffalo herd crossing” but savvy residents start to get a clue after about fifteen years, and wagon trains can be seen crossing the prairie into bordering states. Most states have set up inoculation, fumigation and health exams in tent cities with refresher courses in readin’, writin, and rithmatic to wannabe immigrants. All are required to wear a SDI badge (South Dakota Immigrant) and not drive for two years, or until they can pass a driver’s license test.

It goes without saying that there are no professional sports teams in the state. They still allow hunting and fishing but there is a move on to curtail such recreations to tourists, since the South Dakotans tend to shoot each other and embed fish hooks in themselves with too much regularity.

Live there? You must be kidding.

Visit? Yes for the pure enjoyment of watching people who are almost all dumber than you are, and the Black Hills are pretty.

Hey, I’m a Person Too!

Fresh from the invigoration of being granted personhood for purposes of financially buying its own congressmen and women, corporate persons have moved on to even greater heights today.

The SCOTUS, judicial biggie of the land, has effectively made them lawsuit-proof, by knocking down the million-plus-plaintiff discrimination suit filed against Wal-Mart.

You know that they meant business when they let Scalia write for the 5-4 majority. It seems that the women, did not have one single common claim among them, since DISCRIMINATION BASED ON SEX was deemed not to qualify.

 It appears that all a corporation must do is have a “stated” policy of non-discrimination at the head office pinned to the wall. It’s actual store managers are left to promote and pay as they deem fit *wink wink nod nod*. Yep, pretty darn slick wouldn’t you say?

But one more reason to make every effort to avoid spending your precious dollars at Wal-Mart.

Time to change your diapers again Johnny McCain, you dirtied yourself once again. I should have known some such crap was a coming when I saw his Tweet that he and Kyl were going to “tour” his beloved fire-devoured Arizona. They did, and then held the proverbial press conference to show their civic concerns.

McCain, older than Eve herself, and who cannot possibly think of running again, sucked up to the racist element in his state by blaming the fires of “illegals who were out there starting fires to signal each other.”

He could, of course, point to no specifics. Later, his minions explained that they had got their information from the state’s forestry department. Funny thing. The Forest Service has no freakin’ idea about what Johnny was talking about. “You know, sometimes he forgets his meds,” they chortled. (Oh, I made that last thing up, but not the rest!)

Some scientists in Australia have gotten piqued at the continuing “debate” over climate change. They claim that there is really no debate at all. It’s a done deal. The climate is changing, and we are responsible. They run a really excellent site called The Conversation and there is a section with numerous articles on climate change. Take a look. It seems filled with the arguments and with explanations of the games the pseudo-science right light to play to obscure the true facts. Oh and they have plenty of other subjects. The website is an EDU domain. (h/t to Think Progress.)

Some times I think there is a failure in my generation of really great women. I’m talking about women who were out side the norm in every way, who walked alone, unafraid of being defined as “odd” or not being subject to being slotted into some category. Simone Weil comes to mind, who lived in the same place and time as Simone de Beauvoir. There is a lovely bio of her at Lapham’s Quarterly. Go read it. It’s worth it.

Don’t know if you got a chance to see it or not, but Jon Stewart was on Fox Sunday with Chris Wallace. Wallace did his best to start things off belligerently, implying that Stewart had dodged the interview (presumably out of fear). But as you might expect, Stewart walked all over Wallace who never had a clue.

What went unanswered was Wallace’s claim that their “audience” was very happy with them as being fair and balanced presumably. Stewart went unchallenged when he remarked that every poll and study also suggested that Fox news watchers were the most misinformed people of all news watchers. You can see excerpts and links to actual polling at above link.

In case you didn’t hear, Keith Olbermann is back on the airwaves again starting today. His new show is on channel 358 (Current TV) on most cable networks. We have sure missed him on MSNBC. Shultz has been a belligerent disappointment and so frankly has O’Donnell, both of whom come from the “if I don’t like what you say, I’ll yell over you” school of interviewing, made so popular at Foxy Noise. His list of sidekicks looks like fun too. Be sure to watch.

What’s on the stove? chicken stir fry with homemade spring rolls and crab Rangoon.

Defining My Sanity

Once or twice, one or two of you has had occasion to question my television viewing habits. In a word, you thought my choice of show to be beneath someone of my caliber. My caliber being whatever it is, I have felt the pointed barbs of your dismay and licked my wounds in silence, rather than defend myself.

But there is a method to my madness, or lack of selectivity as the case may be.

You see, there are few economical ways of determining one’s own hold on sanity. I mean to be sure, one must engage a professional, and be tested and questions, and such folks don’t come cheaply. I have found my own solution, and since I think that one’s sanity is subject to ebb and flow, I can test fairly regularly at no cost to myself.

While seeing the childish “stuck in nerddom” of the funny folks at the Big Bang Theory is not reality, I recognize that there are indeed some folks who do dress up in outlandish costumes and join other like-minded crazies at “Star Trek” conventions and similar functions.

You and I of course, would call such people strange at the very least, and certifiable on occasion. I can just that I am quite sane by the fact that I have no interest whatsoever in dressing up as Lieutenant Uhura and practicing my “yes Captain” around a mockup of the Enterprise bridge.

Yesterday, I was walloped with two instances that proved once again rather conclusively that I am in full command of my faculties, thank you very much.

Stephen Colbert had a “spor repor” spot on his show in which he reviewed the fine art of canoe paddling. Yes, you heard that right. People actually compete in a canoe with one paddle, and swirl and dip to music as they try to show artistic command of the boat and the water. They have somehow developed “judges” for this nonsense, and winners are declared who then go forth to participate in “international” meets.

Makes my watching of Big Brother look awfully intellectual by comparison. At least on that, I can compare the relative maturity of various people who are scrambling to lie and cheat their way to a monetary prize of some value.

In case you didn’t know, most of the usual shows on TV are on hiatus, so it’s hard to find anything good. We watch a lot of movies, some good, some not so good. We watched “Wrestler” the other night, the one with comeback star Mickey Rourke. He was nominated for a best actor. We figured it would be good. It was simply utterly depressing from top to bottom. It did confirm my worst beliefs about “pro” wrestling however.

We watched a show called Taboo. You know what you are getting when you watch a show like that. titillating nonsense about people doing things other people consider “off the wall.” Try a woman who has “fallen in love” with the Berlin Wall. I mean she really means it. She lays against it, caresses it, kisses it, and spent a night with “him” in one of the watchtowers. She considers herself normal.

I don’t. I consider her nuts. The fact that she can find other objectum-sexuals online serves only to prolong her illness and puts off her recognition that she needs help! Ditto the guy who loves his cars.

If you peruse these types of shows, just occasionally, you realize one of two things: you are squeaky normal, and the human race is in the end doomed. You see, these screwy types used to live in isolation, knowing they were freakin’ nuts. Finally, at least some of them sought treatment, were cured and returned to functional members of the human race with reasonable interpersonal relationships.

Not so today. These sad brain-sorted individuals have access to the Internet, and there they find others of their ilk. It’s oh so easy to feel normal when your new friend Jill advises you that she never goes to bed without her hairdryer by her side. It makes you’re bed-partner, a hand mixer appear quite normal.

And seriously, those whose sexual proclivities tend toward the exploitation of other humans also find their like-minded sickos online and confirm to themselves, that all is well in their left hemisphere as well. And that is not only not helpful to their treatment and recovery, but poses serious danger to the public, especially the objects of their desire.

So all in all, I guess it’s really sad that I can find my sanity by comparing myself to those who are loco in la cabasa. But I just wanted you to know that there is a reasonable explanation for my choices sometimes.

You may now return to more informing reading. :)

Can’t We All Just Try to Get Along?

My views on war are well-known. War, any war, merely sets the stage for its offspring, another war. No doubt many will argue that WWII was a war of necessity, but arguably Stalin committed crimes as heinous as those of Hitler, and no one lifted a finger to stop him.

 I suspect one has to look deeper into causation to discern the “real” reasons for our entrance into conflict. I seem to recall that there was plenty of evidence of the German genocide of the Jewish population long before we found it “necessary” to enter the war theatre.

Even if you claim that we “won” wars I and II, much of the messiness that spilled over into the Middle East no doubt planted the seeds for todays troubles. And lets not forget Korea, which ended in a stalemate and the accursed Vietnam, which was a pure loss.

Iraq on no account can be considered a success, and we could have saved a bucket load of money and blood had we merely talked to the Russians before our foray into Afghanistan.

Going back into history, we find so many wars on the European continent that we have a hard time teasing them apart from each other. The same no doubt can be said of wars around the globe. Revenge is as often the motive of war as any economic goal.

Many of course will argue that we had two “successful” wars–our war of Independence and later the Civil War. I suppose the first is arguable, but this was never a full-scale war in the manner of Napoleon’s assault on Russia and the deadly retreat that followed. And we can just as justifiably claim that the after effects of the Civil War still remain with us, and foster a North-South split that is still real in the minds of many.

Given this rather dubious history, it’s questionable that we still like to term our efforts to eradicate ills in society, as “wars” on. . . . We have wars on poverty, wars on drugs, wars on obesity. One in particular is, the war on drugs is now 40 years old. According to statistics, not only have we not made a dent in drug trafficking or usage, it’s actually much worse than it was.

The cost in human life is appalling, just look to the drug wars going on in Mexico over control of a very lucrative drug trafficking. Afghanistan, in part, can never be tamed of its tribal limitations, because of the money-making proclivities of the poppy.

This is to say nothing of course to the costs of incarceration of drug users and peddlers, which constitute a ever-growing majority of prison populations. Add to that the costs of man-power expended to bring these mostly nonviolent offenders to justice. Police, courts, attorney’s fees, institutions, parole and probation personnel, and on and on.

And, for all our efforts, the problem only gets worse. We don’t address the reasons for drug usage, we merely try to control the bodies of some few users who we catch.

It is probably true that the civil rights movement in this country would not have been successful (at least not when it was) if it had not been for the genius of Martin Luther King Jr, and his insistence on non-violent protest. It is just as likely that Gandhi would not have successfully pushed the British from his country had it not been for that same approach.

Making war on things simply creates a violent mind-set, that makes all those who you are trying to change the “enemy”. As any good warrior will tell you, the most effective soldier is one who has learned to “hate” his opponent. As Patton allegedly said, “I’m not asking you to die for your country, but to make the other poor bastard die for his.”

The enemy must be evil, without redeeming value, utterly wrong. And of course, nothing is ever than black and white. And for every piece of evidence that suggests that drugs are the satan of all substances, there are plenty of contrary examples where drugs are not so evil. Medical marijuana anyone?

As in war, when you hate your enemy, you dehumanize him, and he dehumanizes you. This plants the seeds for the next conflict, where losers seek revenge and retribution, and winners live in the demented atmosphere of righteousness that is not remotely true.

Our only hope, it seems to me is to find common ground with drugs. We must turn our efforts from interdiction and punishment to education, treatment, and yes, even the recognition that moderate usage of some drugs may be tolerable. At least no worse than moderate usage of alcohol.

It is, I believe, why the Global Commission on Drug Policy‘s newest guidelines make so much sense. President Jimmy Carter, long a peace advocate, makes the case here, and I think he is right.

What do you think?

All the News that Can Be Got Between Noon and Noon-fifteen

I know that the fine business of news reporting once upon a time was an honorable craft. I know that because I have heard and read about Edward R. Murrow and I remember Walter Cronkite. You know, reporters who actually spent time tracking down a story that was important.

Today, we have almost none of those types at least in the media. It’s all a dog and pony show now. Make sure it’s got all the bells and whistles, keep it short, make the video entertaining. Fluff it up.

One of the reasons that I was for an early resignation by Anthony Weiner, was not because of the hideousness of his crime, but because he would prove to be a distraction since the media would opt for the easy story–sex sells, and we all know it.

Weiner shares the spotlight with the trial of a mother for the death of her child. For several hours a day we are informed of the last detail of mom and dad’s testimony as well as about the new forensic science of “smell”. (There is a sealed can of “death” odor in case you missed it.)

Given these propensities, it comes as no surprise that the crazy Bachmann woman is getting just loads of press since the “debate” of a couple of nights ago. Albeit, some suggest that her bar was lower than a master limbo dancer could get under in the first place, but she got high marks for “having a command” of the facts, and being aggressive. Somehow that has catapulted her into the race as a viable candidate.

I suggest that this is only in the minds of the media asswipes who muse over such things while sipping that appletini at a long lunch. She’s fun, controversial, and easy to cover. The fact that if you were to look at her numbers nationally, she ranks in the barely negligible range, is of no matter. It is important that she is looking good in Iowa.

Well, let me inform you that Iowa is, nowadays, no bellweather of Republicanism. It is a rogue state of insanity produced by the strange animal known as caucus. See, we don’t all go to the polls and vote here in our primary. No, those of us who have a few hours to waste, go and sit with a bunch of other people with time on their hands (or very very serious interests in who gets the nod), and we argue, and argue and argue until the “caucus” for that district reaches a consensus. Since many of the folks are neighbors and friends, well, you can see the possibilities. Bottom line, caucuses wildly don’t reflect the average voter in the state. They do represent very special interests.

That Bachmann will do well in Iowa’s caucuses is correct. That it means much of anything is entirely another thing.

So, in the interests of not getting all wacked out of shape over this Bachmann “surge” let us recall that the woman is an idiot, second only to that fine piece of work, the Wasilla Witch. If you need reminding, then take a look at this list of Bachmannian crazy. Surely the domkoffs of the GOPpery are not this insane? Or stop by Politicususa and read their summary of the lady’s right-wing evangelical nuttery.

 It probably goes without saying to the crowd that comes around here to read the news that the Ryan plan is awful–simply awful. It screws the elderly and no amount of saying it doesn’t will change that fact. Republicans are simply lying when they claim otherwise. What the CBO tells us, is that worse, it will raise costs astronomically. A good report on all this at Crooks and Liars today.

Let me see if I can remember this correctly. Once upon a time banks had no regulation to speak of. This was back in the Bushy years. And they overreached, and then the entire economy teetered on the edge of destruction. Now the GOPers are determined that the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency shall have no money and nobody to run it, because banks need to be left unfettered to do their thing. Yeah, makes sense. Once again, the Rethuglians in Congress show us just how little they are interested in people. Who would think that anyone would be against protecting consumers except the fat cats who are trying to screw them–oh yeah, that would be the Repuklicans wouldn’t it?

Couldn’t resist this little gem fromPolitical Irony:

We’ve been reporting here now and again about voter suppression laws being enacted in GOP controlled states throughout the US. USA Today has done an editorial on the subject, calling a spade a spade. Again, there are no real issues with voter fraud here or anywhere. This is just a GOP dirty trick to suppress largely Democratic voters who are students, poor and the elderly. Note that in no case do these new suppression laws address absentee voting which is universally considered more open to fraud, but which the GOP deems most likely to be cast by Republicans.

And just cuz you need to know this stuff, some stuff on evolution and the failure of mankind to make much evolutionary progress in the last 40-50 thousand years, go read this great article. It’s a great new book by one of the leaders in the field of evolution and man. It’s called the Origin of Our Species.

What’s on the stove: chicken cacciatore, salad, bread

By the Time I’m 90, I Won’t Know a Thing

They tell me that with age comes wisdom, but the wisdom seems to consist in knowing that as you get older, you realize you really know nothing.

Last night was “science night” in the Peyton household. We watched a bunch of shows about various aspects of science: Is there life after death? What was there before the Big Bang? Was there a Big Bang at all?

My head hurts now. Although I am more than ever convinced that death is not the final end to our story. A varied group of scientists, for a variety of reasons, think there is scientific evidence that points to some kind of “cosmic mind” or that something of us survives to interact with a greater mind than our own. I was content with that.

But then the next show had to upset my apple cart about the beginnings of our universe. It seems that a goodly number of theoretical physicists no longer believe in the Big Bang. This may or may not have to do with human hubris. It’s hard to say. The reason they don’t is that they can’t accept a theory that basically says–we can’t transcend into a realm of no-time/no-space. Our minds are not constructed for that, and besides the math simply breaks down into meaningless gibberish.

Some believe that the entire universe is a mathematical construct in which time and space live. Others believe in waves of energy that bump each other from time to time and explode into a matter-forming “universe”. Others that we are living in a succession of black holes that explode, and ultimately end in another, only to cycle through again. There are as many theories as there are active mathematical minds who love scribbling with chalk upon a chalk board.

What I like most about these folks, is that they get paid to think. I could go for a job like that. They never of course have to produce anything practical, just design experiments costing millions to discover the elusive “top quark”. They have reduced the number of elemental particles to about 12, should you care to know. Now they wonder what is so special about six leptons. Why not 7 or 4? They are good at coming up with questions that justify more thinking, more paychecks, and more fancy equipment.

Some of these guys (and for no reason I understand, most are guys) fancy they can think just about anywhere. So some have nice cabins overlooking lakes in the woods, where they put their feet up and “think.” Like I said, these are grifters of the first quality. I want to be one.

So I was busy last night undoing all the stuff I thought I knew. I see little point in remembering much of this new stuff. In five years, it will be obsolete.

If our information is multiplying exponentially, as it is, I wonder what that means in other areas. It’s crystal clear that what was learned in high school by anyone over the age of 40 is essentially useless today. Soon, it will be twenty years, then ten, and well, you see the problem.

They say we are the sum total of every person, event, experience, feeling, we have ever witnessed or engaged in. Well, won’t humans just burst at the seams one day? I mean you can’t have enough room for everything you need to take in, having no decent mechanism to dump out the old. It seems a problem. Is anybody addressing it?

And if my body is essentially new every ten years (cell replacement) who the hell am I after all? I guess my brain cells don’t get replaced or I would never be able to store more than ten years of information. It’s all confusing.

As I said, my head hurts. I guess we should limit ourselves to one hour of science at a time. Unless of course you have properly worked you way up to larger doses.

Come to think of it, writing drivel like this is pretty much like that “thinking” the theoretical physicists do. But then I don’t have a lab, millions of dollars at my disposal for fancy machines, and certainly no paycheck. So far Bill Gates hasn’t seen fit to punch my PayPal donate button and throw a few bucks my way.

After all, I’m just losing my mind, one word at a time. Tomorrow even more stuff I thought I knew will be declared worthless. I’ll be sure to alert you as it happens, so you can clean house in your head to. If someone could just point me to the wastepaper basket in my skull, I’d be most appreciative.