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Last evening, we watched a one-hour program on marriage equality in Iowa. It featured a debate between the two sides, along with a film that gave a brief history of the issue and interviewed a number of same-sex couples about the importance of marriage in their lives.

Bob Vander Plaats, the acknowledged leader of the religious right’s successful effort to unseat three of the Supreme Court justices who ruled on the now famous Varnum v. O’Brien case, was one of the debaters.

We got the usual crap and misinformation. Our sacred Founding Fathers set up a government based on God and the bible, God mandated that marriage was the union of one man and one woman, therefore. . . .

Course none of that is particularly true. In fact it is mostly untrue.

And then he went on to say that all studies show that children grow up best when they come from a family that includes one mother and one father.

Except there are NO such studies that show this. All the studies show that a loving nurturing parent(s) produce well-adjusted happy children. Apparently Vander Plaats never read the opinion in Varnum, where the unanimous court also pointed out that those who were opposed to marriage equality also made the claim that it was detrimental to children without producing any evidence.

Failed Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Vander Plaats also argued that the “law is still the law” since the Supreme Court has no power to legislate from the bench. Except that the Constitution of Iowa is superior to any legislative act and like in every other state of the union, Iowa’s Supreme Court is called upon to determine constitutionality of any law that is challenged on constitutional grounds.

I guess in Vander Idiot’s world the Jim Crow laws are still on the books in the South, and I guess he thinks that the SCOTUS sent a letter to Kansas and said, we don’t think your school segregation is lawful, so please put it up for a vote among Kansans and let us know what they decide. That’s what Vander Dope thinks the Iowa court should have done–put sent it back for a vote by the people.

Does Vander Crap understand that even a constitutional amendment in Iowa would still have to be upheld by the Federal government’s equal protection clause?

Does Vander Stupid realize that we periodic re-election of sitting judges is not meant to remove judges who sometimes you disagree with but rather to remove those guilty of serious malfeasance or incompetence?

Does Vander Loonie know that his out-of-state sponsored and paid for campaign against these justices amounted to nothing more than vengeance, and changed nothing in terms of the law?

Does Vander Crazy know that by a huge margin, mostly nobody in Iowa thinks that the allowing of gays the rights of marriage has had any impact on their lives whatsoever?

Does Vander Sicko know that claiming that this is some kind of slippery slope where next men will be marrying their daughters and women their dogs is nothing but a red herring, so ludicrous and bereft of common sense as to be not worth anybody’s time to argue. Can you prove that those types of alliances are detrimental and dangerous and pose health risks? Certainly. End of story.

Does Vander Jackass want to have a  world in which his interpretation of the bible is mandated for everyone else to follow? Sure he does.

Does Vander Clueless understand that there is such a thing as separation of church and state because it’s been found that politics and religion made bad bedfellows? Certainly, but folks like him don’t care. As long as it’s their religious teaching that is enforced.

Since Bob is a right-wing fringe wacko, nobody took him seriously. Well, with a ton of outside money and blatant misinformation, he managed to convince something like 300,000+ Iowa voters that somehow the justices had taken over their right to decide these things by vote. It is not their right, and never was.

The same mistake will not be made in 2012 when more of the justices who ruled in the Varnum case will come up for election. Groups across the state are busily forming, and speaking out, informing the public of the truth.

Vander Nuts and his band of mean-spirited and hateful wingnuts know their window of opportunity is narrow. More and more states are joining Iowa. New York is ready to add marriage equality to their state law. Polls now have a solid majority who favor either marriage or civil union for gay couples. And worse for them, inside those polls the story is even more telling. As you move down in age, the numbers go even higher. Plainly the next generation will not even consider such discrimination.

That’s just one of the things that has rattled my cage today. How ’bout you?