All I can say, is that was two hours of my life I’ll never get back.

I did my civic duty. I watched that put-me-out-of-my-misery dog and elephant show. I watched to the bitter end as the participants congratulated each other on being an exceptionally “strong field” of candidates, while the rest of America choked on its root beer floats.

I watched Timmy “the Paws” Pawlenty, cower in fear when asked to confront Mitt “the Man” Romney, with his newly coined Obamacare slogan.

I watched Newt throw his beer gut around in self-presumed authority and say nothing that was the least bit memorable. I watched Santorum and for the life of me couldn’t think of anything beyond “frothy” and feel the awful acid at the back of my throat.

Michelle engaged in Michelle stuff; can we all say “Obama will be a one-term president!” and do it all together kids. She wouldn’t interfere in New Hampshire’s decision to allow same-sex marriage, except when she found herself alone with Herman “why is the black man down at the far end?” Cain on that issue. She quickly returned to the fold–she would support a constitutional amendment which the states could all participate in voting on. Not a one had the decency to say that such an amendment stands the proverbial snowball’s chance. . . .

Cain is a deep dish man by the way, in case you care.

Oh and Ron Paul basically told us we don’t get monetary policy and won’t ever get the economy until we do.

Oh, and they all said, lower corporate taxes, deregulate, and stop spending. And they did not say, we did that for eight mind-numbing years and that produced no jobs, but exactly the opposite. And they all blamed Obama for everything. And they all pledged to repeal the health care law. And they all lied about most everything. And they all smiled.

And for the life of me, the audience did not get up en mass and charge the stage and massacre the entire bunch for being too stupid to suck up air. They sat there and clapped here and there, smiled, and actually, if you can believe this, nodded from time to time.

 Which suggests that they were all locked up in a time capsule that was sealed in 1982, and they haven’t heard about the fact that none of what the GOP contenders said is news. It’s all be tried before, and failed miserably, and they blame the president for not doing anything about the economy when they have voted against every single thing he tried to do.

Oh, and the pundits today said that Romney/Bachmann won, and Pawlenty lost, and the rest were mere cyphers. And I wasted two freaking’ beautiful hours of my quickly diminishing life. And somebody owes me something for that.

You know, it came to me last night.

The GOP/right-wing/evangelical/neocon/crazy/insane/stupid/douchebagforBigBusiness, really aren’t the constitutionalists they claim to be. I mean they have taken the fine art of Founding Father worship to new levels. They are, the FF that is,  akin to at least Jesus’ cousins at this point. They walk on water, truly, that is how Washington crossed the Potomac.

So, then the document in question should have been perfect after the first 10 amendments, which were added post-haste by most of the original signers correct? Therefore it stands to reason, that all the rest of the amendments, are all tinkering with perfection no? So therefore, the gullible piles of poop that pass for the normal GOP membership these days, must consider the rest of the amendments to be vile add-ons. They should be repealed no? And that would include the one that makes the first ten amendments applicable to the states, and that pesky slavery-ending crap.

And do you realize that most of the knuckle dragging infantile jackanapes who claim they “want their country back” would happily vote for such repeals? And don’t you really think that the lying power-agenda craven scum like Barton, Palin, Gingrich, Santorum, and all their nasty ilk would love to do just that?

And in very much like lickety-split, you would find yourself in a fundamentalist wet dream land of Christians hell, where you’re only rights would be to serve the state on the hill, as defined by your elders in the church?

Problem is that our simian-like Bud-swilling NASCAR-watching, nachos-munchkin crowd can’t project consequences more than about two hours in advance, so they won’t see the 2×4 that hits them in the head before it’s too late.

And we are frantically trying to warn them using English, which sounds Greek to them for some reason, and we end up watching silently as they drive ever closer to the cliff. And stop the world I wanna get off.

And that is the way I see it. Today.

Tomorrow I may have a different point of view. I’m fickle like that.