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Dots. I like ’em. Lots of them.

Lined up nicely they are called pixels and they make television possible. Who doesn’t like that?

Lined up more randomly, and they represent a painting technique called pointillism, best represented by the work of Seurat.

Shivering furiously in various configurations of nucleus and electron, the form everything in our world.

From a “singularity” a universe seemingly infinite was born.

So dots are way cool.

As children we could draw by “connecting the dots.”

As adults, can we still?

Do dots have to add up?

I’m mindful of the mess this country finds itself mired in.

It’s not a good thing to equate the Teabagger party(s) with the Extremist Religious Right. Sometimes they are one in the same, but mostly they are not. The Rethuglicans shake their tush at both, in fact they seduce ordinary folks to become either or both of those two things. Teabaggers allegedly focus on economic issues (however pitifully ill-understanding of it all they may be–remember signs like “Keep government out of our medicare!”)

The ERR (hey nice pun there don’t ya think?), thinks it is serving its bizarro version of God by trying to make all the rest of us live by some standards they think are “family values” even though they arguably practice them less than the rest of us.

Anyway, there is nothing much to connect these two groups, but the GOP throws in a few Founding Father platitudes, and good old Yankee fortitude, and bootstraps, and Protestant work ethic and lo and behold a rather messy paste job unites the two.

In the 2010 elections, the economic plight of a significant number of Americans caused them to buy into the rhetoric of the GOP, that only they could fix things. Since they were mostly responsible for breaking things, that was a dubious claim, but one that was bought.

GOPer’s chortled with glee as they took over the House in the Capitol, and frankly, took over governorships, state houses and, well right down the dog catcher, everyone said, “have a go at gettin’ us some JOBS.”

Except, they had no idea how to achieve that, so that they asked their corporate sponsors who told them, “just give the money to us, and we’ll take care of everything.” So they did. In state after state, corporate taxes were lowered, and regulations eliminated. Unions were restricted, and pensions were mortgaged to the hilt.

Well, after they were done with that, they had to DO SOMETHING! So they took to doing really nasty things to women, children, and just about everybody else who didn’t have a VP in charge of “_____” behind his name. They restricted immigrants, Muslims, reproductive rights, health measures for the poor, food programs for children. They slashed all that stuff in the name of balanced budgets, and of course in the name of family values.

Jobs? Oh corporate Amerika says that, they are working on it, but first, get rid of that colored imposter in the White House (ironic huh?). So the GOP is working on that too. Corporate whispers suggest that the best way to do that is to just say NO, always about everything. Blame it on Nancy Reagan. She started that “just say no” business, after all.

Everyday, all day, I see nothing but state legislatures busting their butts, making fools of themselves and trashing the rights of minorities. But weren’t they elected to create jobs?

Is anybody connecting the dots?

I suspect in November of 2012, we will find out if we can still do that–connect the dots I mean.

I posted this on Twitter yesterday. When I signed in on Twitter with this new laptop, I got the option to return to the old Twitter format, which I can actually use. They threaten me it won’t be for long, but I’m back in Twitterland. Anyway, I thought it one of my better Tweets.


They say Rick Perry is seriously considering a run for the nomination. I say, it just shows how damned desperate the GOP has become. I mean this dude, in mock self-righteous anger suggested that Texas might secede from the union rather than live under the auspices of one Barack Obama. And he suggested that Texas and other states might want to opt out of social security and medicare altogether. And then there is that thing about making grown women listen to the heart-beat of the fetuses they have determined they cannot carry to term. Like we are children.

Yeah, Ricky, throw your hat in the ring. Join the circus of clowns the GOP presents as the best it’s got.

It’s supposed to be 74 and sunny. Instead it’s 63 and cloudy. I just love meteorologists.

What’s on the stove? Tostados. I am so ready for them!