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Politicians are a strange breed, you have to admit. I mean, they live in a rare reality known only to themselves. They, or at least many of them, dream of power and riches. They awaken with visions of being the ruler of the world.

In fairness, I guess we all do this to a degree. We daydream of whatever we think would make our lives perfect. The difference is, we know the difference between dreams and reality, a lot of politicians don’t.

Case in point: Ricky (don’t Google me) Santorum. Ricky has got it in his head that he would like to be president. So he has announced that he is running. He did this this morning on GMA, afraid I guess, that if he set up a press conference on the steps of the Pennsylvania State House, that (a) nobody might show up, or (b) Sarah’s bus would show up and suck all the air up.

In any event, he’s running. Of course, he is dependent upon his faithful, such as they are, sending him dollars to finance his dream quest.

Now, let me draw an analogy for you.

I want to be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. I want this, even though I am (a) a woman, (b) have never had on boxing gloves in my life, and (c) and 61 years old. So send me money to hire a coach, join a gym, and throw in a housekeeper to take care of my house and cook meals, since I’m going into this full-tilt.

Get the idea? A Rick Santorum rally is staged at the corner of any major downtown street, but is only active when the “don’t walk” sign is on, because that is the only time there is a crowd.

In other words, Rick Santorum stands as much chance of being president as I do of being the heavyweight champ of the world. Anyone who sends him money (other than a relative hoping that his campaign might keep him from the family reunion this year) should be placed on a list of “too dumb to vote”.

What in God’s heaven get’s into the minds of these idiots?

I have come to see John Edwards as a vile excuse for a human being. He exhibited perhaps the most unfeeling, cold, and awful behavior in having a silly affair while his wife was battling a life-ending cancer. (Videos of him flirting on a bus with his new lady remain nauseatingly silly). He later denied his own child in an attempt to salvage his political career.

There is not much I can think of to defend, but I have to say, in the end, that the charges lodged against Mr. Edwards are far-fetched in my opinion. This smacks of hoping that the public finds Mr. Edwards to be so immoral, that they will stretch a law to an absurd extreme just to seek revenge. This is not justice, no matter how little you think of the man. Just my opinion of course.

One of the things that continues to gripe my soul is that the GOP continues to block every effort on the part of the Obama Administration to assist the economic recovery, all the while cheering silently from the sidelines for continuing stagnation. Their recipe is complain about the economy, do everything to block anything that might help, and then argue that voters need to give them a chance, since the Administration has failed miserably.

Case in point, the blocking of Peter Diamond, Nobel Laureat in economics from the Federal Reserve Board. GOP Richard Shelby continue to argue that he is “unqualified” for no reason other than, gee, he might actually help the economy, and that wouldn’t be good for us.

Similarly, John Boehner once laughed at the idea that the Administration could cure the ills of Detroit’s auto industry. Now that they have, he claims it was in reality, “no big deal.”

Is there a Republican in Congress who actually gives a damn about the country? Please alert me as to whom that might be. I’d like to meet this rare creature.

Ya probably heard this, but sista Sarah ain;t none to happy about being dissed on her lack of historical truthiness regarding one Paul Revere–who as WE ALL KNOW warned AMERICANS that the British were coming. He did this without benefit of bells, Liberty ones or otherwise.

Ms. Moosey cannot take criticism so she has enlisted those who really really read, and they found in some obscure dusty history book, that Mr. Revere was momentarily detained at a roadblock and wildly inflated the size of the American arsenal.

Ms. Idiot’s loyal drooling fans are trying to rewrite Wikipedia pages regarding Mr. Revere to reflect their girl’s superior understanding of events.

Our most favorite up on the news of the day maven, Moe, from Whatever Works has all the gossip.

Meanwhile, OKJimm keeps us apprised of Guv Walker’s attempts to hold onto his office by generally screwing everybody whose last name doesn’t end in INC. Jim lets us in on the fight to stop abortions where they don’t exist, and turning over road work from the state to private companies.

I also understand that the GOP is trying to set up dummy Democratic candidates to “run” against the GOPer’s who are being recalled, in some attempt I guess, to so split the vote that GOP incumbent can retain his office.

What’s on the stove? Pizza–a bad choice on a day when it’s humid and going into the damn 90’s…