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No really, I really was just minding my own business. I was typing along on a post for your perusal. It was a good one too, about an Indian activist by the name of John Trudell. I was doing it in poetic form, and I was just sailing along on a brief moment of genius.

And then, Lord God almighty, the dang thing (the computer that is) just started to reboot like the power had been cut. Except the power hadn’t been cut. So I moaned, (loudly I might add) and waited for it to cycle back so I could see just how much of my stream of consciousness brilliance had not gotten saved.

I waited in fateful agony. This is no small thing. My brain is so chock full of exceptionally high quality thinking, that once a thought moves on through the synaptic bridge, it cannot fairly be retrieved again since another new and equally earth-shattering thought has come down the pike.

I waited.

And waited.

The harsh and angry letters IBM seared across the monitor. And they stayed. And they stayed. Until I was utterly worried.

I cried for Contrarian to come and fix his blasted machine. He sighed, grumbled something about “inner tubes and women” and entered my think tank. I was by this time holding my head, trying desperately to keep all those juicy thoughts in place (for you of course). He shut off the main power, and counted to ten. No, quite literally he counted to ten–out loud.There is something vaguely voodooish about that, but that’s another story itself.

And he turned it back on.

And it said something like, “I can’t find my mommy!”

I don’t know exactly, since I was by this time bawling my eyes out, as I saw the captivating ideas that I was about to transpose into beautifully metered lines, slide down my leg and out of the room, disappearing into the cosmos forevermore.

Anyway that was that.

A quick discussion ensued wherein the Contrarian and I decided that we were really bad at making good decisions really fast. Decisions about what to do next had to consider our plans for the future and well, what the price of hog bellies was, since this should always inform a good decision.

Oh, I forgot. All this was last Saturday.

So we went into town to do some shopping and we looked at laptops and new desktops. Just pricing.

And we came home, and I sat down, and twiddled my fingers.

And after twiddling those digits, I wiggled my toes.

And then I whistled–badly I might add. I’m not good musically.

Finally I took a nap. A very long nap, that was strewn with galaxies in which no computers existed, and people lived lives of utterly boring productivity. Imagine the dumbness of that!

So Saturday evening passed, and I drank a little wine, and I got up as late as I could on Sunday, and did all the same stuff I did on Saturday. And I napped. And I drank a little wine (a “little” is whatever you think it is). And finally it was Monday, and I cooked up some crap to eat–and it all tasted like dull ashes in my mouth,  because my beloved companion was sitting lifeless in the other room.

I asked a lot of questions. The Contrarian would look at my sideways and sigh, and then start at the garden of Eden and proceed to explain computering from the dawn of time. I grew bored, and I still thought it was all magic anyway.

So I announced: “It is most clear that I know nothing about this business. I therefore withdraw from the decision-making process here. Talk to whomever, and decide whatever. I shall endeavor to remain reasonable sane and polite. Please end my agony as quickly as possible.”

While the Contrarian didn’t much like being the sole decider (unlike a certain ex-president), he hauled ass on Tuesday and went off to discussion with other folks who have bothered to learn something about the subject in question.

He returned with nothing but a couple of quarter pounders with cheese, and I had little hope that I could type with them.

The information coming forth was that our CPU was probably not irrevocably broken. Something like a video card was the likely culprit. So it was going to be taken it. I signed wondering how many months I might be napping half my day away? By Friday I was told.

HA! You know it’s Thursday, so you have a hint that something else is afoot. That is called a “clue” in mystery writing, but I digress.

So on Thursday morning, he says (the Contrarian that is), says that he’s got a pretty good idea what we need in a lap top, so he might MIGHT just go buy one after dropping off the old girl at the fixer’s shop.

And he did!

We got us a brand new spanking new lap top! Course, it’s still operating on a dial-up connection, but still, it is all shiny and pretty and well, I am liking it. Most of yesterday was spent in retrieving my e-mail, finding passwords to this place and the usual reconfiguring all the stuff. I still got stuff to check out, but that is as they always say, a horse of a different color, or something.

Anyway, I missed you guys all terribly in my exile and missed your posts, and will try to get back to some kind of normalcy within the next day or so. Oh and we are going shopping tomorrow and pick up my ex (the old computer), so give me a bit more slack.

Later’s gators.

What’s on the stove: Spaghetti and meatballs, salad and garlic bread.