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I’ve been following the story about the IMF head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his troubles with the law. I have, quite naturally, no opinion about his guilt or innocence.

Yet, the media in exploring the issue, of “why do men of power do such things” always come down with the same basic conclusion: Because they can.

And why do women, at least those who are willing participants in these clandestine affairs engage with these sometimes old, rather homely men?

The answer to that seems to be the seduction of power. It seems that Strauss-Kahn has been a “ladies man” for many a year. His current wife stands by him, and by all reports they are a “team”. She may well be willing to overlook his sexual asides for what she perceives is a greater advantage: the perks of marriage to a wealthy and very powerful man. Nice homes, clothes, jewels, travelling first class, best hotels, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, these seem powerful aphrodisiacs to many a woman. Perhaps to men as well. You’d have to ask them.

This syndrome, if indeed it is one, can travel far down the line, to fairly remote little fiefdoms. It can, and has included men from local courts, mayors, state representatives, and minor junior vice presidents. Anything that enhances one’s lifestyle is at least better than nothing as they say.

I’ve never quite seen the advantage myself. Or should I say, I’m not seduced by power.

No, I am seduced by intellect. Not being much of one myself, I worship at the altar of brain power. Einstein is sexy. And frankly, I find it not at all odd that Stephen Hawkings has been married more than once. It is why I often disagree with their political philosophies, but still set mesmerized when listening to the lyrical prose spewing forth from people like Christopher Hitchens, Gore Vidal, and before that William F. Buckley.

Smart men, especially those with razor wit and acerbic hauntiness ring my bells. I adored Truman Capote with his utter disdain for the common.

These men may be utter bastards in their private lives, but I swoon to the melodic notes of their rhetoric.

Such is me. Diversity is what makes life interesting after all.

Speaking of which, Cornel West is a man I  admire. He’s probably a difficult man in every respect but I love to listen to his talk. He’s got a lot to say about our President, most of it not kind. The Reaction‘s newest contributor, Zandar, has a very thoughtful piece that is worth your time to read. When does criticism devolve into a vehicle to promote oneself?

Speaking of which, the best joke I’ve heard about Strauss-Kahn is:

“Dominique Strauss-Kahn has decided not to run for the French Presidency now, given the charges that have been leveled against him. He has however, filed to run against Italian President Berlusconi”. from Andy Burkowitz

You no doubt have heard that Newt has already screwed the pooch as they say. Went and just cut the legs out from under Ryan’s play to kill Medicare. This just after assuring us on Meet the Press Sunday that he was going to a “disciplined” candidate, no more going off half-cocked as in the past. Seems the Salamander has really really screwed up, with the GOP establishment taking pot shots at him like he’s one of those ducks in a carnival game. Couldn’t happen to a slimier newt as they say.

Which is all ado about nothing, since Newt never had a chance. He’s using other people’s money to run, and when all is said and done, will go back to his numerous “groups” he’s formed that pay all his bills otherwise. They dude is nothing but a parasite, always has been.

And the slithery one also has yet to explain why he owes Tiffany something between $250-500,000 in unpaid bills. Guess his various organizations don’t want to foot that bill.

No doubt you worry about the Rapture about as much as I do.  And yes, I meant all  the time. I mean, I would hate to be caught in the shower. How embarrassing is that! Or with dirty underwear! Or, well, doing that!

Anyway, if you are a student, a professor decided to hand this out to his students. I think similar analogies might be made to one’s boss, parent, etc. Thanks to Exploring Our Matrix for this one.

This is of some importance folks, cuz another one of those “prophets” has declared that I think it’s gonna be before the end of this month. Don’t make plans for June!

What’s on the stove? Arroz Con Pollo.