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In case you aren’t keeping track, we went a shoppin’ in See the Rabbits. Inside joke. When the Contrarian was a wee lad, his tender ears translated Cedar Rapids as “See the Rabbits.”

Anyway, we went and did all that stuff. God my hair cut too. That’s always a bit of a crap shoot. I got my shortest cut this time from a beautician who was obviously in a hurry. The Contrarian suggested that when he first saw he was glad I had no tattoos, otherwise I might have been mistaken for a biker Biotch. A couple of weeks, and it will look okay.

Sarah, bless her insignificant and fairly now passe` heart, has gone and done it again. This isn’t worth a link. Just take it from me that at the party following the Correspondent’s Dinner, she was asked who she thought was the most influential journalist.

In true Palinesque-caught-in-the-headlights style, she replied: “Oh good question. I’ll have to think about that and get back with ya. So many of course.” As she turned to walk away, she ran smack dab into gal pal Greta Van Susteran, and turned back “Greta here is the most influential!”

A pig was seen to fly by over her head at that point.

Anybody at all surprised that the wacka-doodle exTREEEEme right has twisted the entire Bin Laden affair around? The head nut at Tea Party Nation, not only says they entire thing was staged to help Obama’s re-election bid, but (AND I KID YOU NOT) his announcement was precisely timed to interrupt The Donald’s Celebrity Apprentice! Wrap your sane head around that one.

An interesting little piece of work here. A college class and their professor analyzed a number of “pundits” on some 400+ predictions they made  over a sixteen month period. The standard, was some measure of accuracy. The results are amusing, and enlightening. Paul Krugman scored highest in accuracy along with Maureen Dowd, Ed Rendell, Nancy Pelosi and some others. Fairing the worst? Cal Thomas, Thomas Friedman, George Will, and politicos such as Lindsay Graham and Johnny McCain. Read it all, and then remember who to listen to in the future.

Well, that settles it. Don’t release the pictures. One can always know one is on the “right” side simply by saying the opposite of what the Grifter says. Besides, no photo will be acceptable to the uber wackos anyway, and it just makes sense to let them babble and turn off even more of the electorate. Rational people don’t need convincing.

Breaking News: The President has decided against releasing pictures.

What’s on the stove? Steak salad with honey mustard dressing and garlic toast.