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Well, it IS the weekend, and it’s not like I’ve squandered the entire morning. I have a load of wash under my belt, and new bedding down. But I have to admit, I’m feeling rather lazy.

That’s one good reason to slip over to Infidel753 and save yourself time and trouble. He’s really got a smashingly good list of links that will keep you busy for several hours. I saw a good half-dozen that I need to take a look at.

Like a wack-a-mole, Pat Robertson keeps popping up with more unGodly, mean and hateful rhetoric. Today he tells us that Amerika has turned into Sodom and Gomorrah. No prayer in schools, abortions, homosexuals running rampant, and our Christianist principles all gone amok since they were lovely laid down by our Christian forefathers. It’s just a mess, and Pat just knows there are at least 10 righteous Americans (Abraham bargained God down to 10 righteous in S & G to save it from destruction).  What Pat knows about Sodom and Gomorrah would fit on the end of one nugget of brimstone. Shaddup already.

The President is calling upon Congress to end gas and oil company tax breaks. Given their outrageous profits the last few years, it would seem that the President is on the side of both right and the public here. It shall be interesting to see how the sycophant GOP will respond as it seeks to protect its interests. Expect the usual “drill baby drill” rhetoric along with whining about “too much regulation.”

I have more beefs against Wal-Mart than you can shake a stick at. The problem for us is that living on a tight budget, their prices cannot be beat. But we have weaned ourselves off to the point where we don’t get our groceries there, except for one or two things that we can’t get elsewhere. Still, it means that we are spending more than $400 a month elsewhere, and that is an accomplishment.

Whether you hate them for their union-hating methods or because they destroy small-town businesses, read this report from AlterNet and you will be confirmed in your determination to shop elsewhere.

If you are like me, many days, you don’t have much time to read really good but long articles. There is a service that picks the best of the weeks long reads and presents them to you with the length, and if one strikes your fancy, perhaps you can find time for just that one. Anyway, you can sign up for this service here. It’s called “Longreads”.

Heads up all you old sci-fi nuts. TMC is running the old old old Buck Rogers series. I mean the one from the 40’s. I mean with Buster Crabbe. I mean the worst worst graphics ever known to sci-fi movie-making. Well, excepting perhaps the Attack of the Shrews. That was pretty darn awful. Anyway, look it up in your guides or on-line. We caught the very first episode last week. I’d never seen it. Buck was in dirigibles before he was in space. It was hysterical, and I roared the entire time. Cool people watch really bad sci-fi! (I think they are on Saturday night. We TIVO everything so I’m not exactly sure.)

GOPer’s have tons of excuses why they can’t tax the rich. Chris Christie came up with the latest: tax the wealthy and they will just up and move to another state. Well, studies show that that just ain’t the case. Political Irony has the story and the facts.

And that’s all ya need for today. Go out and smell the daffodils.

What’s on the stove: hotdogs, backed beans, cole slaw.