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Okay, so Troy Mills isn’t such a fashionista’s dream, but we do have a clue at least. We may tend more toward straw hats and baseball caps, but we know awful when we see it.

Pictured here are Prince William and Sarah Ferguson’s daughters, Beatrice and Eugenia. I know not which is which but does it matter?

The blue monstrosity fails on every level from the gaudy blue to the what look like grapes plated on her hat overlaid by a feather duster.

The beige dress on the other is fine, but that thing glued to her forehead is simply ghastly. I mean it looks like a pair of antlers.

Those were the only serious faux pas I saw among attendees at THE wedding. The Beckhams looked elegant in every respect.

Of course hats are essential at any Royal affair, and so all the women were decked out in hats of every description and style. A couple of other women (no doubt purchasing from the same “designer” and I use that term loosely) also chose to tack wriggly messes of snakes alongside their heads. These were simply not hats, but head dresses and thankfully were worn by lesser unknowns who assuredly won’t be in any family pictures.

I have no clue why the Royals are so big on hats. I’m sure there is a history, but I’m not aware of it.

One person of course stood out among all the women and that was Katherine herself. I thought her gown was simply beautiful in every respect as was that of her sister’s who was her matron of honor. They were elegance and beauty personified.

All this of course is so much hoopla about nothing much at all. Much more important things are going on in the world, but heck, we don’t really have anything comparable and its kinda fun to see all the pomp and circumstance.

Oh, one important proviso here. The Contrarian warned me against writing anything at all positive about the Royals today. He reminded me that it takes only two people in Iowa to have a person committed, and he would sure be unhappy should I not be available to accompany him to New Mexico.

So, if you don’t see me around here next week, do look into it and come to my assistance. I’m not crazy for watching a Royal wedding! No I am not!

Me thinks they speak with forked tongues. The wacko extremist right is not giving up its fight to defund Planned Parenthood, now called “Klanned Parenthood” in an attempt to marry the group to its founder, Margaret Sanger who certainly did have racist ideas.

However, so did the several other institutions in their infancy, and certainly there is no reason on earth to attribute Sanger’s beliefs to the groups activities today. Of course the insane right continues to paint the organization as out to commit genocide on the African-American community. The do this by citing that African-American abortion actual numbers are higher than for other women. This of course means nothing at all, it simply means there are more poor black women than white who need its services.

Moreover, these same groups who are “so concerned” about the lives of African-Americans, are the same folks who are against affirmative action programs, the use of federal funds to aid poor women and children (more black than white) with health matters and such things as Head Start and so forth.

Worse, they are the first to screech against any black person who suggests that racism still exists in this country, calling them “racists” and players of the “race card.”

These are the people who continue to disbelieve that the President was born in the US, and now question how he got into Columbia and Harvard, ugly innuendos that convey a covert racism that is all too clear.

Don’t know if you saw this or not, but last night we watched a taped PBS American Experience, on the Stonewall uprising. If you are not aware, the Stonewall was a gay bar in Greenwich Village in NYC. Periodically the NY police raided these establishments rousting patrons and generally disrespecting all gay people. This was back in the early 60’s.

One night, for reasons unknown, the patrons decided not to go nicely, and soon the streets were filled with protestors. The police are the ones who finally backed down.

What was more poignant and sickening were the stories many now middle-aged and older gay men and women told of those times, of some of the systems in place. Worst of all was a police detective addressing a school of youngsters, all around maybe 10 years of age, warning them to avoid homosexuals and that behavior because in his words, “we will find you and arrest you.” Imagine saying such things to children.

It was uplifting in how far we have come, and utterly sad in remembering where we were.