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It probably comes as no major surprise that not everybody was convinced yesterday by President Obama’s disclosure of his “long-form” birth certificate.

Fully 51% of Republicans, down albeit from 70%, still have doubts or are “convinced” it is a forgery. And of course, this relates not at all to the quality of  the evidence, but rather to deep-seated hatred of the President that is in some large respect motivated by conscious or unconscious racial bigotry.

Everyone knew this would be the case, as the post from yesterday featuring the dullards of The Blaze so aptly showed. The good news is that those who are of normal intelligence now know the truth, and the continuing yammering by the insane right will only serve to ensure that people will now see them for the loathsome vermin they truly are. Of course, the media whores from the right will make every attempt to claim that Obama and his crew invented this issue and surreptitiously pushed it, all to make the GOP look bad. No surprise there.

Meanwhile the GOP continues to claim that it ain’t a racist bunch. New evidence from Oklahoma, where the GOP controlled House of Representatives has introduced a constitutional amendment ending affirmative action in state government. Rep. Sally Kern (R) explained that discrepancies in pay between whites and blacks were based on “blacks not wanting to work as hard as whites” and that black youngsters in schools don’t study as hard, because they “said government would take care of them.”

Kern comes by her bigotry in many forms. She wants teachers to be forced to teach against evolution, and considers homosexuality a greater danger than terrorism. She’s a full-basket full of crap. Oklahomans must be so proud.

Don’t blame me, I’m just reporting the news! [from Joe.My.God who got it from The Onion]

So, okay, maybe that was a bit over the top. Do ya like this one better? [From ICanHasCheezeburger.com]



 We are respectable negroes has a much deeper question to ask about Obama and the “birther” question. A question, that I don’t know the answer to, but surely needs to be asked, discussed, and thought deeply about. Go on over and join that conversation.

Make no mistake this is so much about race. Trump in his egotistical hair mind, boasts that he is “proud” of himself. And now he moves on to his next target: how did this “boy” get into Columbia and Harvard. If you can’t see the implied racism in the very question, then well, you need a refresher course in racism 101 and the place to go is today’s post from stopthemadness at Angry Black Lady Chronicles.

Paul Ryan says he got into politics because of her. All manner of folks from Rand Paul to Sean Hannity, sing her praises. She is the hero of the teabagger phenomenon. Who is she? Ayn Rand. Her famous and largely lousy book, Atlas Shrugged is the book they all tout, although The Fountainhead many would argue is a good book. In any case, if you want to see what the GOP really is all about and who they don’t care about and what they think about YOU, then do read AlterNet’s article.

Believe me, after reading it you will be chilled to the bone and see the GOP for what it is, nothing but a cold-hearted champion of the rich. We are the parasites, all of us collectively, who infest the wealthy who are the only true creators of wealth. Creepy.

What’s on the stove: steak, baked potato, corn, salad.