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I gotta tell you, looking at the GOP field, is like shopping at a candy store with a whole lotta cash in hand. Who to pick? Almost all offer the Democrats a slam dunk win.

Let me step out on a limb and suggest that The Donald will not run. If you don’t believe me, go on over to Moe’s blog and read all the exact opposite things he has said over the years, and ask yourself, how can this man hope to explain 32 flip-flops on every issue. My God, the man said he was more a Democrat than Republican at one time.

Same with Sista Sarah. She may be an idiot, but what brain cells she possesses are firmly about the business of deciding what makes Sarah rich. Her polling numbers are lousy, and she couldn’t muster enough people in Wisconsin Saturday to even been “guesstimated” at by the extreme right fawners.

She will not face being beaten, so she will yap from the sidelines, trying to keep herself relevant enough to get some sales for her next book, which will be her last one no doubt.

Politicususa suggests that her new PAC suggests she’s still planning on running, but I think it’s but another scam to raise money to support her travels as she seeks to retain her base through speaking engagements all the while pushing her books.

Now as to Michele, no belle, I do think she will run. She is caught up in the Sally Field “you love me, you really love me,” syndrome. She really thinks she can win Iowa having been spawned here. And maybe she can. The GOP in Iowa seems among some of the stupidest folk in the lower 48. Her idiotic verbal history will of course come back to haunt her.

Newt? Newty Petootie has fallen off the turnip truck and really believes that people listen to his increasingly incoherent gurglings. His past cannot be escaped, no matter how hard to he tries. A debate or two should make it clear that he would do better to put on a clown suit and learn to ride a unicycle.

Mikey sorta wants to run, but sorta likes making money better. His aggressive embrace of creationism and other homophobic, xenophobic, morons will doom him in the end. Mikey turns out to be a rather hateful little beast and will struggle to retain his “commentator” credentials at Foxy Faux Fruitloops, Inc.

Now Mitt wants to be president more than just about anything in the world. If he could figure out a way to de-mormonize himself, he would have a chance. As it is, a significant portion of the racist/Christianist teabuggers will just not have it. He can’t get around the universal health care that he engineered in Massachusetts, no matter how many distinctions he tries to draw.

Poor Mitt, he wants it so bad you  can just imagine his stamping feet. But ain’t gonna happen. If it did, it would be the same kind of dreary, “we’re screwed” campaign engendering no excitement of enthusiasm, as the right-wing stays home and polishes their weapons.

Haley Barbour? Who? No. Just no.

Tim Pawlenty? Oh God, Anyone want to watch paint dry? And he’s spent too much time with the same homophobic nut crowd that Mikey does.

Ricky Santorum? Oh please, oh please, oh please. Name five people who like Ricky. I dare ya.

Herman Cain and Allen West? House Negroes encouraged only to make the racist right appear tolerant. Since they have no chance, they can be championed, but don’t ask to marry my sister!

So, that’s my take. Feel free to remind me of this in another year. I suspect that somebody out of nowhere will emerge. Too many names are being bandied about. Governors? Well, maybe, but most of the Republican ones are facing recall threats for their devious attempts to kill unions and play the entire tax burden on the backs of the middle class and working poor.

So give me a name? Daniels and Christy offered up, though both have said no. Time changes minds perhaps. Any thoughts?

I don’t know if you heard about this but it was high drama as we watched it the other day on C-span. The GOP has or had, another budget proposal, emanating from the Republican Study Committee. Let’s just say it was Paul Ryan on steroids. It gave even bigger tax cuts to the rich, and pretty much ended social programs like Medicare.

Well, the House members, GOP that is, of course voted for it, in just enough numbers that would make them look good with their right-wing constituents. They expected the Dems to vote no across the board.

except the Dems all voted present. Suddenly it was evident, that the bill would be passed. It would have been so unpopular among normal people that most of these bozos would face being dumped in their districts in 2012.

Since principles never matter, a mad race by the GOP back to change their vote to no ensued. They just barely made it.

It would have been a great coup for the Dems had it worked. You can view the video, with much racing to the well and much shouting to recall GOP members to the floor. It was a hoot to watch.

What’s on the stove? General Tso’s chicken stir fry, egg rolls and Crab Rangoon.