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If you are like me, you probably have little or no interest in how that sentence ends. I mean, Chuck Norris? A martial arts practitioner whom Hollywood places in rock ’em sock ’em movies where the “acting” is tangential to the violence.

Oh, I had heard or at least on one occasion seen that he had attached himself to the McCain/Palin campaign which I guess served to bring out 5-13 extra people at a rally or something.

Turns out old Chuckie is a busy dude in the right-wing insanosphere. He jumped on the birther bus early on, and, well, it’s a downward spiral after that. He is by all accounts a “devout” Christian, which means essential he’s a wackadoodle fundamentalist.

Well, the reason he came across my radar is that he now writes a column  for WorldNetDaily, one of the most awful rags dedicated to “Christian” beliefs I’ve ever seen. Alan Keyes is a featured writer for them as well, and they regularly (daily) pontificate about Obama being the right hand man of Satan.

Although a poor student in his school career (high school), it seems Mr. Norris has become an expert on Sharia law (it’s coming to a town near you, he warns) and he has single-handedly destroyed the theory of evolution.

He also ain’t a fan of global warming, being as it’s just a facade to introduce a “new world order” of which the Christianist movement is deathly afraid.

A bastion of conservatism no less august than Forbes, pokes fun at Chuck’s cry that the progressive indoctrination educational system is driving students out of the system at an alarming rate. Except it’s not alarming at all.

All this adds up to nothing of any importance. Norris joins a long list of GOPer’s who have left their brains in the crapper and now view the world through kaleidoscope eyes.

But it is telling when even your own side starts to shake their head in disgust. All this craziness of course plays well to the base which is not noted for its command of english, spelling, or critical thinking (and they have the lack of diplomas to prove it). Yet buffoonery of this nature serves to alienate the real people who the GOP needs to both impress and embrace–the independent voter. The neo-cons seemed to have grasped this. Unable to control these freaks, they are now abandoning them much as Peter did after Jesus’ arrest–“me? I never knew the man” they shout.

Sarah and Michele and Newt, Donald, Mikey, all are starting to be shunned by an evil, but still frighteningly sane group that has much bigger fish to fry than birtherism and creationistic claptrap. They truly do want to dominate the world via American exceptionalism, and when the teabagger movement and it’s cartoon character “leaders” are no longer of use, you can be sure it will be “cut bait” and the yachts will move elsewhere.

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