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Hey! Mother, the freakin’ Nature! Wake the frack UP!

It’s April 16, well into Spring. Can you pay a bit more attention please. I can tell you with supreme authority that I do NOT like waking up to that ———>

Not funny. Not at all.

Okay, so it is mostly gone already, but the wind is still blowing and it’s dark and dingy outside, and not even 35° and well, if you don’t mind can we get back to something in the 60’s and sunshine?

Geesh, is that asking TOO much?

Not the least of which, it rained on my birthday! I mean, how nice was that of you?

I got me six animals all in varying degrees of pissed off because they had already gotten used to lounging around outside relaxing in chairs and on porches. And you know they think I control all this, so I’m getting all these angry looks, lots of sighs, and every time one wants out, they scurry away from the door as soon as they take ONE look. 

So get on the stick. Get on the stick? What does that even mean? Is Mother Nature a witch?

I ran across this article that reviews a book on secularism and morality. It sounds interesting, and the review itself makes some valid points I think. Worth a look-see. From Prospect Magazine.

Speaking of religion, all of Christendom seems engaged in its own in-house squabbling. Perhaps this has always been the case, but I’m more acutely aware that I used to be. It seems that most denominations are dealing with some sort of battle between the progressive/liberal arm and the conservative element. John Allen calls it “tribal Catholicism.  Allen writes a thoughtful piece in NCR addressing the issue in the Catholic Church. I think his suggestions are timely and I’d sure like to see them instituted. We have too much of the “liberal” church vs “conservative” church mentality. We need to find a way to bridge the gap.

This next article caused me to bolt from my chair, run to the bathroom and look deeply into the mirror. Whew, my head is on straight after all. I was worried. Why is the wacko, crazy, insane, and ever radical right-wing religiosity against anti-bullying measures? Oh, yeah, they think we shouldn’t protect gays. Or anybody else who is the victim of this aggressive behavior. They think it pollutes our gender priorities or something. They are crazy. This makes me crazy. All in the name of Christianist fundamentalism.

I don’t mean to turn this into a religious day of blogging, but this next post caught my eye, because the author really takes a  Catholic teaching and skewers the GOP’s Paul Ryan. He argues that anyone who supports Ryan’s budgetary plan is simply unfit to present themselves for communion along the lines of intrinsic evil versus prudential judgment, as laid out by Benedict in a 2004 letter.  Makes for some interesting reading.

Tis a slow day. Tis a blustery day. Tis not a nice day at all. Going to hide under the bed until it makes nice. Mother Nature. Put up yer dukes!