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It’s hard to find a subject that amuses me more than the incessant clamor by the extreme right about Obama’s birth certificate. Everyone knows it is a non-issue but it keeps the rabble busy. A bit like giving your 4-year old magazines to rip up, letting your finish your tax return undisturbed.

The fact that “The Donald” has taken up this cry is actually a bit surprising to me. I thought the man slightly smarter than that. Mind you, I said, only slightly smarter. No man who is so narcissistic as to create such an elaborate faux “do” to encircle his bald head has sufficient “something” to lead the free world.

The smarter (again that has an elusive meaning when applied to the GOP) elements are weeping copiously at this turn of events. Their party is be-speckled with screech owls like The Donald, The Michele, The Sarah, The Newt, The Rick, the Mikey,  all howling (to mix a metaphor, and you know that’s always fun) about this and other equally ridiculous notions that have their trollish followers all rubbing their nether regions with increasing vigor.

Equally rich is the fact that immediately after the President’s speech on the budget, which called out Paul Ryan for the dick-head that he is and put a stop to that blather about “courageous” straight-talk, the GOP is out in force with its talking points.

It was a “speech” and not a plan, they all echoed in perfectly toneless refrain. Moreover, he was “mean” when it came to them. Mean I say, mean. This coming, as so many of the pundits pointed out, after two plus years of calling the President, “not a real American,” “not a citizen,” “a Kenyan”, “a socialist,” “a Muslim,” “a communist sympathizer”, “a champion of abortions,” and one who is “deliberately trying to destroy America.”  Yeah, I can feel the love in all that.

Ya have to laugh. If you follow the link here, you will see a picture of Paul Ryan holding in his little claws his budget proposal. It is entitled “The Path to Prosperity”. Yeah and the line of cars heading down the road are all Mercedes and Hummers, Lincolns and Rolls Royces.

The real point here, is that the GOP has screwed themselves. Today, we are told the House will “pass” the Ryan plan. It’s main points are to extend the Bush tax cuts, and privatize Medicare. Except that the electorate, and even their own base is solidly in favor of not touching Medicare and the country as a whole is overwhelmingly in favor of ending tax cuts for the rich.

The Democrats seem to have finally captured that they now hold all the cards, and merely have to drive this home again and again. Charts and graphs are useful here folks.

A double whammy is that the debt ceiling will be raised (so everyone predicts) and the teabaggers shriek they will wreak vengeance upon all the Republicans who vote for it. The Democrats are throwing parties all over Capital Hill. Things couldn’t look any better at this point at least.

This oughta be rich. The Walker supporters (all ten of them) are having a anti-union rally in Madison tomorrow. And guess who is coming? None other than our dear Sarah, the marginalized, Sarah who? Yes, our darling girl is gonna come and support Walker. Except Walker won’t be there. And neither will any rational GOPer who has any desire to capture the White House. I just wonder by how many thousands the pro-unioners will out number the anti-unioners? Thirty to one? More? Can’t wait to see.

If you thought my rant about the J Crew pink toenail thingie was silly, well I wasn’t the only one by far who thought the entire crazy episode was stupid. A number of Andrew Sullivan’s readers wrote to him about their experiences as parents under similar circumstances. Read on. I am vindicated! lol.

This is why Fox Noise is a disgusting partisan mouthpiece for the GOP: On their website, Fox posted this headline “GWU student’s suicide tragically coincides with Obama visit.” Of course the two things had NO relationship, and as outraged students and others besieged Fox with e-mails and calls, the offensive and foully innuendo provoking story was taken down from the website. Proving once again that there is nothing quite as low as Fox and it’s hatred of all things Obama.

And you all have a luciously wonderful weekend. See ya tomorrow with more news.