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Now, let me get this straight.

We are presently militarily engaged in two wars and one military “action”. A massive earthquake and tsunami has terrorized millions in Japan and resulted in tens of thousands of deaths. Haiti is in little better shape than she was more than a year ago when it suffered a catastrophic earthquake. Our economy is still in the tank pretty much. The poor in the country continue to struggle just to make ends meet. Gas prices are soaring due to our own people speculating for their own greedy gain. Global climate change is more and more reaching a point of no return.

Those are just a few “little” issues that confront the world today.

But the MEDIA, you know, so-called JOURNALISTS decided that what was IMPORTANT to talk about, was the ad above by J Crew,  and whether it was somehow inappropriate.

I said ALL the media. ALL of it. All consumed with the burning question of whether this ad, portraying a happy mother and son, laughing joyfully as they spend an afternoon together. WHY? Oh, it’s all about the pink toenail polish. Yes. The questions? What was the ad meaning to convey? Did she paint them? Is this about gayness? Is this gender bending? Is this transgender? Is this boy being abused?

Insanely bored people want to know.

Glenn Beckian psycho-ologist (name not important) said it was WAY over the top, and that this poor child will need years of therapy to straighten out his bent sexual ID.

OH PLEEEEEEZE. Shut the FOOK up will ya?

America is MAD. Simply mad I tell ya. I’m heading out for a saner planet.

On a personal note, we are heading out to town for a meal. My birthday is tomorrow and the weather is scheduled to be highly crappy, so we decided today was the day. A stop by the bookstore to find something delicious to read, and a run by the market to pick up the Easter ham and then home before the sky cries all over us.

See ya tomorrow, all fit and 61, and ready to rumble!