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Where to begin! It’s another freakin’ frackin’ Friday, and the world has gone mad. Well, not much more so than usual. But you know, some days, one’s patience simply has limits. Or as they say, “dang gum it, they went on stepped on my last nerve.”

Leading off the lunacy challenge is none other than perennial tin-hat man, Glenny Beckster. Now Glenn, safely put aside by the newsless entity ironically called Fox News, is ‘splainin’ himself real clear.

Why Glenn really never wanted that old job at Fox in the first place. He never expected to stay for goodness sake. He is like Paul Revere, who had to get off his horse and actually go fight the revolution, not just warn people atop his horse for-ev-a.

And get this, Apocalypse man says that us liberals are gonna be “crappin’ our pants soon and turning to Jesus and spending our time on our knees alternately calling for Jesus to save us and begging Foxy to re-instate the Beckster who will have been proven cor-rect across the board. He predicts that this will happen in a year, to this date. That is April 8, 2012.

Meanwhile, his cult followers will be hanging on every word, ready to champion his view of the world at 210° from level. Don’t expect Becky to go quietly into the night. Naw, he’s gonna do the pied-piper kinda thing. And when his cult goes over the cliff, well it won’t be such a big loss will it? After all, there are One too many STOOPID people today.

Can’t say if it’s true, but we hear John cry-me-a-river Boehner is doing some of the tears again. He has decided to do the right thing by himself and tie himself to the wagon train known as the TeaParty Train of STOOPID. It now all comes down to the fact that the Democrats have agreed to the amount of the budget cuts, but Pense and the lunatics have a rider than one of the cuts has to be PPH.

Now, Boehner wants none of this, but as I said, he decided his own salvation at the temple of Tea is more important than the WHOLE DAMNED COUNTRY, so a shutdown is a comin’ they say. As we reported yesterday, PPH funding is almost exclusively for health screenings. And of course, this has nothing to do with budget cuts, and nothing to do with JOBS, oh did you forget John that that is what you were gonna do if given the House? Whew, well I guess when you spend half your day in the tanning booth, somethin’s gotta give. Instead of creating jobs, Boehner orchestrates a huge loss of employment for a million or more government employees. Way to go John!

So, I say, that the Beckian cult should move over on the cliff, cuz the TeaWagons are comin’ on over too. That’s won’t be too much of a loss will it? After all, there is just one too many STOOPID people today.

Yesterday, in Wisconsin, the challenger for Justice Prosser’s seat was ahead with all votes counted, by over 200 votes, which would make a recount automatic.  Foxy Noise was busily grousing about “reports of voter fraud” in the way they always do with when “wrong” candidate wins. Suddenly, this just in, a miraculous number of votes were “found” and gave the victory for Prosser with a more than 7,000 lead.

County clerk Kathy Nickolaus claims it was her mistake. But things are indeed fishy. Ms. Nickolaus, who previously worked for Prosser, had been heavily criticized for her failure to update to new equipment used throughout the state,and for keeping results on her own private computer. This same woman was, years ago, granted immunity from prosecution in electioneering irregularities in which a number of people were ultimately indicted.

And then, to top it off, she has been guilty of election mistakes in like about three previous elections where she made mistakes, sometimes giving the victory to the “wrong” person.

FOX is not talking about voter fraud any more. Gosh, I’m surprised. Aren’t you?

No doubt we haven’t seen the last of this one. Make room at the cliff! This woman may soon be running full tilt for the edge. And couldn’t we take the loss? After all, there is just one too many STOOPID people today.

And to finish things off. Today is a day that will go down in the annals of recorded time, as the day of birth of my beloved, the Contrarian. Today said husband is 61 years old. He spent yesterday in his barca lounger lamenting his loss of youth, and today he sits and contemplates, as he says, his sudden wisdom.

He is definitely not part of this post title. He is not heading over any cliff; he is one fo the good guys.

Happy Birthday Parker! Many. Many, Many more, my love.