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I’m seldom conflicted about sports. I like some, don’t like others, and am ambivalent about a few. Usually when I am watching an event, I either don’t have a horse in the race, or I do.

It definitely pays not to move around the country. I’m on my third state of residence, and nearing a fourth. The price I pay is conflict. And it is a heavy price indeed.

Having attended MSU, I’m naturally a Spartan, which causes conflict when MSU plays UConn or U of Iowa. This pertains to basketball only as to UConn, (they don’t typically field a decent football team) but pertains to football as well as regards MSU and U of Iowa.

Getting confused?

Well then, add in a generous love for USC and Notre Dame, and more conflict is possible.

I don’t like conflict. It makes me itchy and bitchy, and I start wringing my hands. Worst of all is a conflict that is a nail biter. Then I’m near frantic.

I don’t like my favorite teams to be in nail-biters. My very LIFE depends on them winning. If they knew that they would no doubt try even harder. I’ve thought perhaps I should drop them a line and tell them, but no doubt I’m not alone in this, so I figure they get the drift.

I cannot bear a three-hour period of ups and downs, a rolling stomach, taken to the heights of ecstasy and to utter despair. I’m worn to a frazzle by the end, and need a vacation.

I had to go through that on Saturday. Butler and VCU, both Cinderella teams, went down to the wire for the most part. Butler is not really a Cinderella team, but close enough as an 8 seed. VCU was the phenom team coming in at #11. I wanted both to win. I couldn’t take sides. This was a fairly difficult emotional ladder to climb.

As to the other game, UConn played Kentucky. At #3 and #4, it figured to be close, and did not disappoint in that regard. Well, it disappointed me, because I was a basket case by the end, with a one point win by UConn.

Tonight is the championship game, and Butler, the little engine that could is up against an always perennial favorite UConn. My old and hole-ridden UConn t-shirt is still buried deep in the drawer. I, who normally functions on the theory of “haven’t used it in three years, throw it out” can’t bear to part with my cute Huskies Tee.

Sigh. I don’t know what to do tonight. Truly I don’t. My heart is torn in two. It is what the Manning’s must feel like when Eli and Peyton face off in football. I can’t bear to think of either of them losing, though one must. If you have a remedy for what will surely be an awful tomorrow, please send it along!

I’m in love with the Republican party. It just gets wackier and wackier and there is no end in sight. Sadly, at least for people like me, Sarah’s star seems to be turning into a white dwarf. Does anybody even mention her much any more? But Michele is babbling faster and more often, and everyone is listening to her, if only for the giggle factor. She is simply a walking joke.

So is Mikey, as his remarks get more outlandish by the minute. And Herman Cain is simply a hoot as “step and fetch it”. But the new butt-funny on stage is none other than one Donald Trump, the man with a head of “hair” one would just like to dissect to see how he grows it in a circle. (I actually saw a man when I was teenage who grew the fringe at the back of his head, and then wound it around in a bizarre configuration so that it covered his nearly bald head.)

Anyway, Trumpy has resurrected the “birther” issue, which makes us all happy, since that turns off virtually anyone with any claim to sanity. Now he is joined by Hannity and supported by Limbaugh and Beck in thinking that we need to retake Iraq and seize the oil and get our “damned money back.” I mean, it’s all their fault that we invaded in the first place, and they were supposed to fund our mess there.

This all leads to one very serious conclusion. Trumpy may  be a good businessman, and that’s a mighty big may,  but he’s nuttier than aunt Bonnie’s choke-on-it fruit cake on matters outside business. Given that the world is facing a corporate take-over, we must conclude that lunacy is coming our way.

Meanwhile across the land, the GOP will reap the whirlwind for its attempt to destroy its opposition by union busting and voter suppression. Traditionally conservative and GOP supporting Firefighters and Police unions are joining up against the GOP as a result of their sordid attempts to hurt workers in America.

I’m reasonably sure that what sane heads remain in the GOP see all this as a necessary cleansing. A serious drubbing in the 2012 cycle should help to purge them of the Teabugger element, allow them to continue to court, without doing a damn thing, the religious right, and recapture some sanity within their ranks.

We shall see.

What’s on the stove? Homemade sub sandwiches and homemade potato salad. It’s spring after all!