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Well, HI!

Half way through another week, and on Friday I’ll be heading to town to stock up on grub. That’s what we in Iowa call food. A sack of flour, a sack of sugar, some bags of beans, some salt pork, you know the routine.

Meanwhile, from my telescope on the world, I see things are still in basically a chitty mess. Everyone is babbling the same old rhetoric, the same lies are perpetrated by the same suspects, the same folks seek power at anyone’s expense, the same folks hold on for dear life.

Everyone pretty much “speaks for the American People” without ever calling me and asking me anything. Some how they think they are speaking for me. They seldom are.

Shouldn’t our computers have a “bad news” filter? Just a thought.

Okay, I saw this little cute thing over at Joe.My.God. I copied it. Enjoy it.


Andy Borowitz discovered that Fox Noise has inadvertently helped Qaddafi recently. Read down the right column of “featured stories” about how Qaddafi has solved his “journalist” problem. Fox is good for something. Can we now try them as traitors?

A blog called AngryBlackLadyChronicles has some amusing poetry she composed about Michele (oh my achin’ mind) Bachmann. The site is amusing, worth a look in any case. Smart, sassy writing. I pray every single day, please let the wonka woman run for the presidency. . .oh pretty please God! [h/t to Crooks and Liars]

Joe Klein is a good writer. He, during the 2008 campaign, finally exposed John McCain for the self-centered, mean ugly little wart that he was. Since then, he has continued to call it as he sees it. While the wacked out GOP continues to pepper every speech with flag-waving “American exceptionalism” rhetoric, Joe has a different take. It is a great read!

Is there a fundamental difference between the way Democrats and Republicans govern? Some suggest that Democrats focus on substantive legislation around important policy items, like energy, health care, business regulation. Republicans on the other hand focus on increasing their power base–thus the moves to defund NPR, defund the EPA, increasingly regulate abortions, all designed to make their base happy and keep everyone in line on their side. MoJo has an interesting post by Kevin Drum.

Hooray! There is still hope for America. A recent PPP poll said that PBS is the “most trusted news outlet in the US, and Fox has fallen badly. Fox finds itself about equal to NBC and CNN, and drawing up the rear is ABC and CBS. A 12 point change in moderates accounts for much of Fox’s loss. And that is a very good sign. Finally word is getting out that Fox blatantly lies to support its right-wing agenda.

What’s on the Stove? fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn