Thinking is Against the Law

I was one of those who believed that the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya was needed. I was and am all too aware of the dangers involved.

As predicted, those of the Right are not satisfied regardless. No matter what President Obama chose to do, it would be wrong and they would shout it out to their base.

Obama said American involvement in any leadership vein, would be short, a matter of days rather than weeks.

It seems he was truthful. Rebels have been able to retake the town of Ajdabiya. Given air support and the taking out of large artillery, they can fight Qaddafi forces and prevail. What is of even more significance is that Qatar and the UAE are both flying jets in the no-fly zone.

It may come to be that once again we have underestimated Barack Obama. I can but imagine that the naysayers those who are GOP presidential hopefuls and others are chewing their hats about now. They pray for failure to enhance their power. That’s the GOP way.

You may have missed this: Maine’s ReCorpricans are at it. The Guv, has declared that murals which depict Maine’s labor history will be taken down from the State Department of Labor. Additionally, conference rooms long named for labor leaders like Caesar Chavez are being changed, to reflect “pro business” goals. [h/t to Infidel753]

If you listen to Foxy Noise, or any of the typically wingnut GOP leadership, the power and prestige of the US is at an all time low, due to the “bungling foreign policy” of one Barack H. Obama. Oddly enough, that doesn’t seem to be the way the WORLD thinks of us. A Gallup poll suggests that we have rebounded quite nicely from the abysmal low Chimpy left us in to a respectable level once again. Read it and weep teabuggers. [h/t to Infidel753]

Guv Walker in Wisconsin has decided to defy a restraining order issued by a Madison judge, and has published the union killing bill anyway, giving rise to the question of whether it goes lawfully into effect or not. Under the Lobsterscope has the story with plenty of links.

Official Vatican teaching is one thing. American Catholics are quite another. Recent polling by PPPI shows what has been consistent in other polls (Pew for instance) for some time. Namely that Catholics in the US support LGBTQ rights including marriage at a higher rate than any Christian group.

The Progressive Catholic Voice reports that Catholics retain an “underlying social justice” position that prevails over the official teaching of the Church. I of course, applaud this fact. Basically most Catholics I think agree that Magisterial teaching is basic to formation of conscious, but as the writer states here, is not absolutely controlling. Primacy of conscience, long upheld by the Church itself, causes Catholics to weigh the circumstances alongside of doctrine and decide moral issues in light of many factors.

What’s on the stove? scallops with linguine in a lemon butter sauce, with foccacia and salad.

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15 comments on “Thinking is Against the Law

  1. okjimm says:

    //scallops with linguine in a lemon butter sauce//

    oh oh oh….. but is that a Catholic butter sauce? I mean, like, ya know…. it sounds really really sinful… and I just have to ask, and excuse for doing so…. is that, like, Pentecostal Linguine…. I mean, is it ‘Born-Again’ linguine or did you make it from scratch…… see, I gotzta ask these questions, ya know, cause I am almost ready to ‘unexpectedly’ drop in for dinner and seeing as you are, like two hundred some miles away… I just need to get the facts right… and I am just being honest… if that is Catholic Butter Sauce… well, gosh… then I will just go for a beer with Joe…. just plain ol’ Atheist Ale…. well anywaz

    • Sherry says:

      LOL…drop by anytime Jimmy…the pasta was good old Catholic approved, and the budda was right out of good old Catholic cows…The scallops, I fear are from a socialitic middleman. watch out for them.

  2. Moe says:

    Scallops? BUTTER? On my way over right now . ..

  3. Middle Seaman says:

    It is impossible to underestimate Obama. Wisconsin is the result of Obama’s mind exploding policies. The GOP unlimited wilding is possible only because of Obama circus-like ideas and his total inability to lead.

    Libya is not a complex case when evaluate on whether we can can stop Qaddafi. It was clear that we could stop Saddam. The complexity rises when the situation is assessed a little more in depth. We got mired in Iraq at a tragic cost to our young and to the Iraqi population.

    We don’t know who fights in Libya, how come they have weapons (they did have in Egypt), who support the revolt (it’s not a protest anymore), etc. Do we want to wake up as in after Afghanistan in 1980 and find the uprising turning around and attacking NYC?

    No Obama is in the dark into which he lead the country.

    • Sherry says:

      Well I don’t agree about Obama. I have no idea why some people (other than the lunatic right) are unhappy. He’s done nothing weird and has improved our standing in the world.

      I don’t think we have any intention of sending ground troups into Libya…it seems to be a NATO/Arab operation now, as he led us to believe.

      I think that after 8 years of in your face cowboy leadership, we are just not quite used to subtle diplomacy, which Obama seems expert at.

  4. Tony says:

    That “poll’ indicating a majority of ‘Catholics’ favor LGBT is Likely Wrong; They are certainly not Practising/Church-going ‘Catholics. Most ‘Catholics’ don’t go to Church/Mass, don’t Live or even Know their Faith. And the Polling itself is questionable in methodology, as PEW Polls have repeatedky shown.

    • Sherry says:

      Tony, this poll supports ones done by Pew. As much as the Church doesn’t like it, most American Catholics are far more tolerant than the Vatican would have them. Only Conservative Catholics have a problem with Pew. I don’t know that anyone else does. Their methodology as far as I’ve been able to find, is spot on. I read their questions. The don’t vary the question over the years which is why they are repected. I understand you don’t like anything that is against official dogma, but at some point you have to face the fact that Conservative Catholics are a distinct minority in the American church…That you would wish it otherwise, I understand. Blessings friend.

  5. okjimm` says:

    // Wisconsin is the result of Obama’s mind exploding policies//

    That is one of the most ignorant, twisted piece of shit statements I have read in….. well…. quite awhile. You seem to blame unbridled political meltdown on a State level…. with the Democratic President…..not the Wisconsin GOP Controlled Legislature, not the power grubbing GOP Governor… not with the failed economic failures of eight years of GOP Federal policy…….. gees, go drink some Kool-Aid. The NFL lock-out is Obama’s fault, too.

  6. Thomas Bryner says:

    I read one time that polls about Catholics are always a little bit skewed, because, unlike other denominations, even those who long ago left the church still identify themselves as “Catholic.”

    As for Libya, i can’t see that we’ve made things better. The civil war there is going to drag on for months, maybe years, maybe decades, and nobody really knows if the rebels are going to be any better. Quadaffi sucks, but in that region you can hardly call him an aberration.

    As for Wisconsin: Obama hasn’t exactly stumbled all over himself to offer support for the right to unionize.

    I think he’s a DINO: anti-labor, anti-civil rights, pro-war. If he pursued the exact same policies under the Republican banner, they’d love him and the Democrats would hate him.

    • Sherry says:

      You could be right Thomas on the Catholic thing. I don’t know whether its self-idenfication or not. But I do know that Pew has been reporting the same thing for some years now. Catholics are more liberal on most social issues than other Christians across the board pretty much…Like 98% ignore the ban on contraceptives and so forth…

      As for Libya…I do think things are better. NATO and Arab forces are simply taking out the weapons, though no doubt some are dying too, but less than what was in store for the rebels. Whatever they decide, it’s their country, and Qaddafi was and is a monster. I don’t support ground forces of course, but this no-fly thing does seem to be working..

      I don’t think Obama is anti-labor at all, but he has to be careful about being charged with interfering in a state’s labor issues. I think he is entirely pro-civil rights, and I’m not sure where you would conclude otherwise. I do not think he is pro-war either, but he is practical.

  7. Infidel753 says:

    A lot of conservatives seem to take their cue about Obama from Groucho Marx’s ditty “Whatever it is, I’m against it.” If Obama were to say that the Sun rises in the east, they’d claim that it was proof of his anti-western bias, and that the Sun is only a theory, anyway.

    Besides Ajdâbiya, the Libyan rebels have now liberated Brega, Ras Lanûf, and Bin Jawwad, and are heading west toward Sirte, which may be a tougher nut to crack because it’s Qaddhafi’s home town and many people there have tribal ties to him. Qaddhafi’s army is suffering from desertion and collapsing morale. It’s hard to see what the talk of a quagmire is based on, other than some mindless reflexive stance that every war must resemble Afghanistan or Iraq regardless of actual evidence.

    • Sherry says:

      I agree…It seems to me that sadly the GOP is prepared to hope and pray for failure in anything this country does under the leadership of Obama…All the signs appear quite good as I see them.

  8. Moe says:

    Sherry – Per FP Magazine this morning, things are turning around in Libya.

    • Sherry says:

      I hope that means in a good way! I know they are being repelled from Qaddafi’s home town, but have retain a number of smaller towns leading up to it…The inhabitants are so pro-rebel that as long as there is no real resistence, they are ‘in like Flint.’ lol..

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