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Did you know that a gray whale has one of the longest migrations of any animal? From the Bering Sea to western Mexico, some 18,500 Km.

And they do this while hugging the coast most all the way. That I did not know.

Al-Jazeera has an imbedded video, if you would like a peaceful and happy moment today.

I read through about one hundred “political” posts today, and then said, “what the hell,” this is simply too depressing. We are featuring  happy things, and thoughtful things.

Speaking of which, March Madness has started and the first game of the regular Round 2 (Round one games occurred yesterday and the day before to “set” the final 64), is today at 11am. Oh it’s my favorite time of year, spring busting out, and college basketball. We don’t “fill out the brackets” but we fill in each teams win on the chart. Great antidote to all that ails ya.

And a happy St. Paddy’s Day to ya. No corned beef and cabbage for us. I forgot when we were grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago. We’re having salad and grilled turkey sandwiches. I wish I had some corned beef though, they would make some fine sandwiches doncha think?

h/t Wounded Bird

I’ve been engaged in the last few days with Tim, our dear friend from Straight-Friendly. He and I are both posting every day in Lent. If you want a bit of uplifting, no better place to get it. His post today digs deeply into what we consider most important in our life. Will we answer the call? When I said, posting every day, I meant at Walking In the Shadows, my other blog.

If you would like to ponder something a bit less deep, well ponder this one:

Temperatures are soaring to about 65 today. Yesterday it was mid 50’s. We still have snow if you can believe that. In among the trees in long swaths that don’t get a lot of sun. Why they need sun to melt is odd. It was 49 this morning when I got up. I want to go out and tap the remaining snow on the shoulder, “s’cuse me but the train has left the station. Move on, move on.” It is ignoring me.

Cats are smart, and then dumb at the same time. Ever noticed that? We left the back door open last night. So the spring-drunk felines could go in and out at will. Just enough for them to get out. This morning I find two of them on the front porch, looking like orphans. Duh, the back door is open guys. Remember how you got out? And we are not gonna have a happy time if you bring in another mouse like you did last night. Stop playing with the poor things. Kill them and be done with it if you must, but NO more playing with them. Makes me feel all hurty inside as I gather them up and throw them out.

I confess the mouse was still alive when I threw it as far as I could. I couldn’t kill it, although I’ve bashed a dying bird with a shovel. Just can’t do it with my hands. I can kill lobsters all day long, and spiders, and all manner of unfuzzy, uncute things. That’s shameful isn’t it?

Oh, shoot, now I’m not being the least bit uplifting. Well, go watch the game, and get happy. And have a beer on me, and some corned beef, WHICH I FORGOT TO BUY!

**the spell check is on the fritz. Sorry if you find errors.