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There have been some great political humor around these days. So I thought I’d share it with ya. The one to my right, is from 2008, but heck it’s current. It’s pretty much the same silliness.

Some have suggested that the GOP is in reality so pessimistic about 2012, that they are satisfied to put forth one of the laughables. And believe me there is no shortage of those.

We got your Mikey, who told us all about the President’s living in Kenya during his formative years and thus assimilating Mau Mau thinking. Not sure what Mau Mau thinking is, but it predisposes him against the British, and that somehow informs his American foreign policy decisions. It’s his “world view.”

This was before Mikey took off on Natalie Portman. ‘Course Mikey walked back the Mau Mau thing, saying he “misspoke” and meant Indonesia. Which of course is impossible to accept with anything resembling a straight face, since Indonesia is not famous for it’s Mau Mau population.

Like Tim Pawlenty and his relentless courting of the most disgusting of the homophobic right-wing religious, Mikey seems to feel it essential to play to the insane right-wing gaggle who are desperate to believe the Prez ain’t a real human American.

Then there is Newt and his claim that love of country so distorted his sense of right and wrong, that he did all manner of disgusting things, such as having affairs while pompously chastising Bill Clinton  for such things, and asking two of his ex wives for divorce when they were in the hospital following cancer surgery and just receiving news they had MS. Yes, Newt wants us to believe that his serial monogamy is no reason to deny him the high office.

And it isn’t, but for the fact that he’s a disgusting human being in, and also got into that “Obama  has a Kenyan worldview.”

But I couldn’t miss this great little cartoon:

And then we got your Michele, my belle. Well, not mine, and mostly not anybody’s but she lives in the delusion that “they really love me. And Michele is making her way toward that announcement that she is running for President.

Those on the far left, just shudder with pure joy. Michele, has had another of her famous faux pas. While speaking to some kids in New Hampshire, she told them how proud they must be, because they were the state in which “the shot heard round the world” was heard. Home she said to Lexington and Concord.

The crazy lady, who talks about the Founding Fathers all the time, just “made a slip of the tongue” so she says. Either forgetting where she was, or inexplicably telling New Hampshirites that they should be proud of Massachusetts. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, that brought forth this lovely cartoon:

Yes, truer words were never spoken.

We understand that more than 100,000 showed up at the rally in Madison on Saturday. Recall efforts are underway as well against all those who voted to deny working people their right to bargain for their own livelihood.

Such efforts are underway all across the nation as we are seeing in all clarity that this is a massive effort made by the GOP to attempt the destruction of its opposition, and being willing to destroy most of the American public as well in the process.

It’s hard to know what to do, other than to fight these battles in our own states. In Iowa, it’s all a waste of time, since the Senate is controlled by the Democrats and all such legislation is simply dumped. However, Madison is leading the way in showing us how we all can help.

Walker’s backers in his bid for Governor have been collected, and we can all start boycotting these businesses. Firefighters in Wisconsin have begun withdrawing funds and closing their accounts at a Madison bank complicit in backing Walker for instance.

The rest of us can help out too. So far, I’ve seen listed the following companies:

  1. Wal-Mart
  2. Johnsonville Brats
  3. Sargento Cheese
  4. Johnson and Johnson
  5. AT &T
  6. John Deere
  7. Koch Industries

Perhaps our good friend OKJimm can supply us with others. We need to not only forgo the use of these companies products and services, but we should each write to them and tell them that we are, and why.

What the GOP is attempting here is nothing less than a full-scale assault on working men and women and an attempt to return to the times when wages were hideously low, working conditions dangerous,  hours long, and benefits non-existent. We all have to step up. All hail the Corporate Master.

PoliticusUSA has a list of proposed GOP legislation, Federal and State that is designed to destroy much of what we hold dear in this country. It is an onslaught of fear-mongering hate inspired laws that would return us to the Middle Ages. Most of it is offered in the hopes of gratifying the extreme right, while of course, the rest is designed to honor the orders of their Corporate Masters. While Nero fiddled . . . .The extreme right will get their religiously motivated theocracy, at least in name, but in fact, will find themselves slaves of the oligarchical one percent.