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I do believe that 2011 will go down as the year when we, the human life contingent lost its ability to be shocked by anything happening in the world.

I mean, who would have thunk that the Middle East would have erupted into all this?

Who would have believed that the insipid Sarah Palin would still be uttering inanities?

Who would believe that Alan Keyes would write in WND that the end of DOMA is akin to reintroducing slavery into America? Don’t worry. You have to be as insane as Keyes is in order to even follow his argument.

Who would believe that some Georgia legislator (read escapee from a state hospital) would propose a bill that required any woman who suffered a miscarriage, prove by a preponderance of the evidence that she had not voluntarily aborted, or face prosecution?

You’re not shocked are you? No, we’ve realized that the extremists among us are capable of virtually anything, no matter how utterly Machiavellian or down right down home stupid it might be.

As we expected, the forces of right-wing intolerance are jumping up and down, waving their arms, drooling with spittle, slathering away in unison. They DEMAND that the GOP take up the flag of homophobic hatred known as DOMA and defend her ugly precepts. Strangely, the rank and file “GOP establishment” has remained fairly silent. They know what a sticky wicket they’ve been thrust in.

Ahab has more links to reactions as well.

Meanwhile rational human beings in Hawaii and Maryland move closer to respecting the rights of our LGBTQ friends.

Fun to watch doncha think?


That abortion billboard we reported on earlier this week in Soho? It’s been taken down. Thanks to Al Sharpton. The mother of the girl pictured was incensed as well that her child’s stock photo was used in this way.


One of the fascinating things that the uber right-wing does, is to put off on the left what it does itself. Namely, highly dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric. Perhaps the peaches in Georgia are rotten, but another infected individual there inquired of his Georgia lawmaker in an open forum:

“When will someone shoot Obama?”

The lawmaker, Paul Broun, didn’t do what we would expect. He was not horrified. He did not sputter and dress down such a sick suggestion. No. Rather, he commiserated with the “frustration” of the speaker. Need I say, that Broun is a Republican?  To be fair, this is not new to Broun, who called the President’s state of the union speech, filled with venom?, compared him to Hitler, said that  people would die from clean energy spending, and that the elderly would die from death panels. In other words, Broun is simply an ignorant hate monger.

Andrew Sullivan calls for his resignation. Witnesses claim that Broun laughed at the call for assassination of the President. By all accounts Broun is a bigoted sicko who has no place as a representative of any state.


People are gathering in all 50 states to show their support for Wisconsin’s fight against union busters. If you want to find out where your rally is being held, follow the link.


Don’t know as you heard how the Wisconsin Assembly managed to get the vote through on busting the union. During the midst of the filibuster, with no explanation, the Rethuglian speaker pro tempore simply cut off debate, called for the vote, the GOPer’s (all in on the ruse) hurriedly voted, and a few seconds later, the window to vote was closed. They declared victory and marched from the chamber. This literally occurred in a few seconds. Cheaters never win in the end. Sad and pathetic. Of course, in years past, the duplicitous governor has decried these late night sessions and called for their end. But of course when you are duplicitous, anything goes. Senate Democrats remain out of the state, continuing to block further movement of the bill.


Remember that bill in South Dakota, that would make killing an abortion doctor justifiable homicide? It was tabled due to “public outcry”. Well apparently the deaf Rethuglians in Iowa didn’t hear. They have introduced their own law, co-signed by 29 other GOPer sickos. As we have said, this is all just a waste of time, since the Senate is in control of Democrats. And Kraig Paulsen continues to waste taxpayer money on bills that are doomed to failure.


And the killing goes on in Libya. How do you deal with a madman? Qaddafi is insane, of that almost everyone agrees. Still I can’t come to wish him dead. Only out of power. I am enraged at his use of mercenaries willing to kill for pay. I know of no solution to end this. I pray for the people of Libya and hope that their misery soon ends. Sigh……