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The buffoonish Iowa legislature, in the guise of the House Republican majority, continues to waste the taxpayers money on crap that can never become law. Led by my very own representative, House Majority Leader Kraig Paulsen, the dipchits introduce bill after bill, pandering to the extreme right-wing nuttery that unfortunately infect this state as all others.

The latest? Why the noodlebrains in Des Moines, feeling most left out of all the fun, have introduced their own, “kill the unions” legislation, along with the usual public workers make way too much money compared to everyone else. Of course, as a U of I economics professor pointed out, it’s the same flawed kind of report, not controlling for educational level or job status. In other words, it compares public workers, most of whom hold degrees and comparable salaries with McDonald’s burger flippers.

The problem with Iowa’s sad Rethuglican “look at us” tactics? The Senate in Iowa is still controlled by Democrats, who simply table the bills in the wastebasket, and plea once again, “can we now get on to working on job creation and increasing the well-being of our citizenry?”


Everyone continues to watch events in the Middle East. No one knows where it will all end. I suspect it will be uneven. Each country is unique in makeup, political orientation, religious zealotry and so forth. Of particular concern  at this point is Libya, where crazy man (given the nuts in America these days, he looks strangely saner than usual) Muammar el-Qaddafi, a man intent at this point in hiring every mercenary in the world to destroy the people of his country rather than leave with his stolen billions.

I never understand these demagogues. They hang on to the bitter end when they can sit on the seashore with margaritas the rest of their live long days, with all manner of bimbos to fawn over them. Why do they do this? Is power that seductive?


I don’t know if you are aware, but one of the most offensive arguments the wacko right levels against Planned Parenthood is that it has as its real aim the annihilation of African-Americans through the abortion of their babies. It is an ugly, racist, condescending argument, couched of course in “concern” for African-American women.

A large and awful billboard has been erected in Soho in NYC, “warning” that the most dangerous place for an African-American “is in the womb.” People in NYC are suitably enraged.

A way to define hidden racism here is the fact that the ad uses the term “African-American” a term that the far right detests as “pandering”  and “playing the race card.” They universally always refer to African-Americans as “black, and yes, small “b”.


Most in Wisconsin are now aware, if they weren’t already, that Koch Industries was a major player in the election of Walker. They poured thousands directly to him, and through front groups, ran millions of dollars worth of ads. They are reportedly again coming to his aid, since this union busting was a joint effort on their parts. They are running up ads against the unions, through “American’s for Prosperity” their front Teabugger party.

Part of the new bill that Walker is trying to shove through, allows the “state” to sell off its utilities. Guess who is in line to buy? Guess who is already advertising to hire plant managers?

This just in. Governor Walker admits he was duped into a 20-minute phone conversation with a man he thought was David Koch. Follow the link to hear the conversation.  Snippets suggest that well, what we thought, is probably true.


Fox continues to blatantly LIE to it’s mostly senile viewers. They reported that a majority of those polled want unions to be ended. In fact, the very poll they cite says exactly the opposite. Sixty-one percent were against the Wisconsin attempt. Yet, Fox reported it as being 61% in favor of ending the unions. Ezra Klein reports the same figures, and wonders whether this is causing Governors like Scott in Fla. and Daniels in Ind. to back off.


Part of attacking the budget deficit seems to include screwing women, according to House Rethuglians and Teabuggers. I don’t mean that literally, although the act certainly sets up the issues that these creeps are trying to address in rather draconian fashion. And of course, wannabe Rethug players in the states, also chime in.

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to call the Republican budgeting tactics, a “war on women.” See if you agree:


Oh, blastedly funny. You heard no doubt that Sarah Palin created a faux Facebook persona just so “it” could leave loverly comments on her real Facebook page? “ohhhh, Sarah, you are so brilliant, please run for President. You’re the kind of commonsense person we need….ooooh..”  Methinks Ms. Sarah won’t be livin’ this one down any time soon. The other stuff coming out in the new book about her, is amusing, and well, so Sarah. The woman reeks paranoia and narcissism.


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What’s on the stove? Pot roast, roasted onions, carrots and rutabaga, mashed taters and gravy.