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It’s best not to get between a woman and her fantasy. If ya know what I mean.

Glenn Beck, perennial wackadoodle has gone and done it.

Glenn has been so god-awful crazy in the last few days with his Caliphate this and that, that, well, I thought to stop in for a small dose. Just to remind myself of just how SANE I am in comparison.

Well, he was frothing at the mouth, as you might expect–about the usual crap. And then he just up and says,

“We don’t need any Johnnnnny Depp telling us how we have to be here in America.” He babbled on about other “Hollywood” types. It was all fairly unintelligible, but he came back to it about three times. “No Johnny Depp and his ‘we need to be more like France’ bullshit–excuse my French.”

I have no idea what Beck was alluding to, but I’m sure that it had to do with some of the anal attitudes we cling to about social issues that leave the rest of the world wondering when we will ever grow up.

In any event, game on Beck. The only thing awaiting you is a full chapter in the next textbook on abnormal psychology, “disordered personalities.”

Enuf time wasted on the mentally unstable.


Well, Egypt finally did it. Got rid of Mubarak. I sure wish them well. I hope they get free elections and can institute the form of government that they wish.


Is anyone as nauseated with Tim Pawlenty as I am? He went from being a sort of nobody, to trying to be somebody by playing to the far right. He’s been palin’ around with Bryan Fischer, awful human being, and now he’s trying to “talk foreign policy” as if he knows anything about that!It seems his theory is much like Dubya’s, “might makes right.” How utterly Neanderthal. Another entry from MinneSOTA best left unheard.


Course, if you watch Foxy crap which I know you don’t or Glenn Beck (more than five minutes will cause ear cancer), you are probably really unaware of what the Muslim Brotherhood is all about. There is a lengthy, but very informative article at AlterNet that can set you straight.


Okay, it’s Saturday, the sun is not shining, but it’s 34° and so the snow, she’s a meltin’. What to do tomorrow with no football? Still a month from March  Madness. Watched “Despicable Me” last night. Was cute.

See ya.