I was just thinkin’ the other day, blogger awards seem a thing of the past. A couple a years ago, why we were trading ’em back and forth like baseball cards. In doing so, they of course, lost much of their impact and value. In fact it became a bit of a chore.

Then whammy! I up and gets me another one! And I felt all gushy and warm and fuzzy all over again. “You like me, you really like me,” in the immoral (not a typo!) words of Sally Fields.

Anyway, you all have Snoring Dog Studios to thank for the mistaken praise. You remember her? The lovely post about Velveeta®, SPAM®, and SnoBalls®. Otherwise, she writes with élan and humor about all sorts of things. It’s become a delight to find her blog lit up in my reader. I’m sure those of you who have gone over, have found her wit and smarts worth the time.

So, anyway, there are as you might expect, rules to this award. The first, I’ve fulfilled (I would have anyway) by linking back to SDS. The second is more problematical. I must tell you seven things about myself not otherwise known. Having been in business here nearly three years, that’s a bit of a tall order. But here goes.

  1. When I was four years old, back in 1954, I was a flower girl for my father’s first cousin. What was unique is that my little dress was an exact replica of the wedding dress. I was draped in old heavy ivory satin with plenty of lace and a train. I was quite fetching, but was afraid to go down the aisle, so the father of the bride, my favorite uncle, carried me down the aisle as I waved to family along the way.
  2. Remember the M*A*S*H* episode where Margaret tells Frank that she got the cook to make him pork chops, “your favorite, with extra fat”? Well, secretly, I like pork chop fat too. Don’t care for beef fat, but somehow the pork fat is delicious. I hate that butchers now trim the chops so much. It makes me pout.
  3. When I was in my teens, I had a secret crush on Frank Reynolds. Most of you don’t remember him, but he was a very nondescript newscaster in the time of Walter Cronkite. I have no idea why I had a crush on him, and frankly don’t know much of anything about him. But I did.
  4. I once faked “sickness” as a very young teen to stay home and watch an episode of “I Love Lucy” which the TV Guide said would feature a guest appearance by Richard Widmark. He was a much older man, but I had a crush on him too. I married an older man which seems appropriate. The Contrarian is 7 days older than me.
  5. I never stole anything in my life, but was once accused of stealing something from a local drug store. They banned me from coming there again. I was scared to death, but have no idea why they thought I stole anything. I wonder if they are still there, and if they still remember?
  6. I once had to ask someone to stamp out my cigarette in class at MSU. I had come to class barefoot. Poor planning on my part. Yes, we could smoke in class, and also bring pets, which I did as well once.
  7. I was walking down a road one day when a rather large herd of cattle all ran toward me. A homeless dog used to sometimes find me and accompany me. He cowered behind me, as I faced down the herd. A fence between us saved me. But we had a heck of a stare down.

Now of course, it becomes incumbent upon me to gift this award to others. I’m to give about as many as I wish. And there is some notion that they are to be new bloggers, but I don’t think that counts for much, since I’m as old as sin. So here goes.

Like a Child is a new blog for me. I was directed there by James McGrath’s blog, Exploring Our Matrix. LAC is newly released from fundamentalism and is struggling to discover what she in fact truly believes in. It’s painful, poignant, hopeful, and thoughtful. For all who believe or don’t there is something to be learned here.

Living Next Door to Alice is just one of those blogs you never miss. Thomas writes several posts a day, many of them thoughtful statements or cartoons. They lighten your day, and often make you think rather more deeply than you were prepared to. Always a worthwhile stop. Thomas and I don’t see eye-to-eye on some things, but he is bright and interesting in his analysis.

Whatever Works is written by Moe, who is a very lovely lady who lives in an obnoxious state, being Florida. But don’t hold that against her. Her blog always has timely political fare and plenty of extras. She reads the best stuff and directs you to a fuller account of her subject. I find she is a good source because she sources so well! She will keep you in the know.

That’s Why is written by Lisa, and most of you probably know her, but I had to include here, because if anyone could be said to write with style, it would definitely be her. She’s simply a terrific writer, and I don’t understand why she isn’t being paid oodles of money to write. She’s that good. She writes about life, and that’s a big topic.

OKJimm’s Eggroll Emporium is written by OkJimm. Mostly I’m giving him this award because I wanna bug him, and make him write all this stuff down. But actually, his humor is great, and when he writes seriously, then you better listen, because he really has something to say. You can find him mostly at his favorite bar.

There, and I’ve notified all the winners, so I’m done. Thank you for your attention. Go Packers. Or God help me if they lose. I gotta live with HIM!