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You know, there is no good way to denote whistling is there on paper? As to the actual thing, I can do it a bit, but did you know that if you can’t sing in tune, you can’t whistle in tune either? That just seems wrong.

Don’t know why I thought of that.

I wrote a piece over at Walking in the Shadows, so I’m not feeling extra wordy over here. That means I’ll write less than 1000 w o r d s here. Are you happy about that?

Yesterday, I mentioned that Jon Stewart had skewered Foxless Noise about Megan Kelly’s claim that they didn’t use the Nazi thing to denigrate people. He did that by simply using clips from their own shows–Beck, O’Reilly, and whoa, even Megan herself was present to two such over-the-top rhetoric.

Billo got all hot and bothered, and went about the nonsense of “justifying” his Nazi reference regards Huff Po. So Jon was forced to explain to BilboBuggins that that wasn’t the point. Explaining was not a defense to “we never do that!” And just to make it even clearer, Stewart threw in two more instances wherein the Bloviator had used Nazi references to put down people.

Billy, you can’t compete against the master. Stop trying! (Go the The Daily Show to see the video of last nights show!)


Speaking of which, I continue to wonder. When Foxy and all the other air-headed right-wing wonkos lie, where do they think that print and video goes? Do they really think it’s out of sight, out of existence? The fact that their ignoramus  listeners wouldn’t bother to check is one thing, but surely they should realize that the smarty left will look up the archives. Archives–add that word in your dictionary Foxy Morons.


Instead of fixing the problem, the Senate decided it was easier to be dysfunctional. No changes in the filibuster rules. I don’t get these fools. But then again, maybe I do: they are fools.


I guess it goes without saying that American foreign policy ain’t quite right, when you feel restricted from supporting democratic uprisings because it interferes with our “security” interests. Why is America so often supporting dictators in the name of security? Experts claim the US cannot afford to be on the wrong side again, supporting a repressive regime.


Don’t know about you, but I loves me some birthers. I mean, I wish they would have a convention, because it would be grand to go and view 13 crazy people in one room. Imagine the costuming? Imagine the signs? Imagine the scary makeup?

The Blaze, that scion of rag “reporting” has a piece on the subject, and Hawaii’s innovative way to garner a few bucks from the tried and true loonies who pester then   for copies of the President’s birth certificate.

The Blaze specializes in non-stories, (three paragraphs and 4 pictures) designed to catch the attention of the rabble on the extreme right, so they can rant about how their lives are being ruined by whatever annoys their beer-swilled minds. The comments of course are the point.

BMartin1776 had this to say:

 I hope at least half the states pass that eligibility law for 2012 b/c Barry Dunham, Soetoro, Obama or whatever his name is will be screwed.

Taguoshi added:

B.O. is going to be remembered as the bowing President without a birth certificate, Now, isn’t that just so special?

Peaceuntoyou suggests it all started with a plan from his “radical mom”:

what criminals. You know wish I could rember (sic)  it all. But I truely  (sic)remember there was something in the news years ago about his radical mom and how she said He was going to be the president of the United States. She was really mad I remember. Have to try to do old research unless someone remembers to.

SMYFP thinks its odd the paper boy doesn’t come forward:

It is convenient that no more than a handful of people have come forward remembering “good ole barry” Everybody else in america that was born a citizen here in 1961 will have literally hundreds of people that can remember their life. How is it that no one knew him before? Coincidence? enquiring minds want to know!

And this last from Greensicko who is very sure:

For 100 bucks you will find out Obama is not the first black president, he (sic) listed as WHITE.

There you have it from the ideologically and intellectually deformed.

The Country is safe when we know where they are.

Let’s hear it for Friday!