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It’s that day.

From the moment he got up, I’ve heard nothing but, “Big game today.”

Yes, I’ve heard that refrain for weeks now, with each game.

 “I just hope they leave it all on the field.”

Yes, I’ve heard that too.

“I feel sorry for players in the second game. I mean, they are just going to be the runner’s up in the Super Bowl. How depressing for them.”

The Pre-pre-pre-pre game has been on for like hours. I know the shape and quality of Aaron Rodgers toenails. I know the gloves of choice of Donald Driver, I know the favorite cleat to be used by A. J. Hawk. I know so screamin’ much about every minute facet of the upcoming game, that well, I could scream.

I didn’t want to know any of this. I’m a purist. I sit down, three minutes before game time. I get up to do whatever during half time (no need to see analysis, I saw the game!). I watch until the outcome is certain. Then I move on. That’s a purist.

The Contrarian is obsessed.


Political Irony has your late night jokes. Don’t miss ’em.

My favorite:

“Good news tonight. The chief victim of that shooting in Tucson is sitting upright and talking. [On screen: Sarah Palin on Fox News]” – Jon Stewart

And this from Jan at Yearning for God:


Don’t know about you, but I adored Calvin & Hobbes to death. I bought some of the books. I still love them, and wish Watterson hadn’t quit. There is a series of essays on the C & H theology written by Dr. Richard Beck, psychologist. It’s fun. And it’s the kind of thing to read on a Sunday.


It’s a wrap today. Game time is approaching.