Hellllooo? It’s January twenty-frackin’-two. Where the hell is it?

Okay, it’s not -18° today. It’s a balmy (yeah right) +15° as of 10 am. But surely, this is relative. Relative to freakin’ Hawaii where it’s probably 78° right now.

And don’t bore me with places like International Falls up there in MN or ND or where ever, with its -42°. It’s supposed to be that there. It is two miles or so from the Arctic Circle for god-awfuls sake. What do you expect?

And what is with Billings, MT? Huh? Whose butt did they kiss with a high today of 41°? They are like 2 whole inches on the map NORTH of me. Where do they get off with rational temperatures? I tell ya, there is a conspiracy afoot. I don’t know who, but I sure can tell a conspiracy when I see one. Somebody’s gonna pay for this as soon as I find out.


Boy, we were dumbfounded last night watching Keith Olbermann when he announced that this was his last show. No explanation. And none so far on the Internet. Some speculate, as we worried a few weeks ago that with Comcast acquiring NBC from GE that things might change. The head of Comcast is decidedly more “conservative”.

Okay, Keith could be over the top from time to time and he was a bit of an egoist, but surely that’s not unknown in the circles he travels. And he did have heart. Ed Shultz is too bombastic and sounds more like Fox than Fox at times. Not sure if Lawrence O’Donnell has the “presence” to take over as Big Daddy.

Anyway, we will miss him.


Well, I’ve perused some nearly 200 blogs about everything under the sun, and can’t come up with much to link you to. It’s a slow day, perhaps because the WORLD has shut down in anticipation of tomorrow’s football game. You know the one I mean: Packers vs. da Bears.

I break with my President today, because I gotta sleep next to the Contrarian. There is no other team on earth but the Packers. The other game? Who cares.

(I’ll be soooo glad when this football chit is over with!)


What’s on the stove: pork chops, gravy, mashed taters, peas.