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I kinda got the blues too. Not big blues. Little blues. Reason?

Cuz I’m a woman? Nope.

Cuz I’m an old woman? Nope.

Okay, this could take forever.

It’s cuz I’m sick of cold and it’s gonna get ugly cold in a couple of days. I’m just tired of carting around an additional fifteen pounds of clothes everywhere I go. I’m tired of sitting under blankets and turning over in bed being a major undertaking. I got the winter blues.


Anybody who has more than one cat or dog knows that they are like sooooo different. Used to be that only one liked milk, Calvin. They two, then three, now I have to serve all four. I don’t get it.

Speaking of Calvin. He talks. A lot. Well to be fair, Spencer talks a lot, but Spencer just has one refrain, “I”m Spencer and you’re not.”

Calvin has conversations. Or more to the point. Demands. They are:

  1. I want milk.
  2. I want to go out.
  3. I want you to pet me now.
  4. I don’t like the weather out there, change it.
  5. You didn’t change the weather, I’m reporting your for cat abuse.


As you might have learned, the Packers won. My ears are still ringing from the screaming. I’m beginning to hate football. The Contrarian related that his buddies once locked him in the bathroom during a game because he’s trash talking was insufferable. They did pay up however at the end of the game. He ain’t called Contrarian for nothin’ folks.

Not to ruin this lovely day with too much yuck, but just so you are aware, Sarah is appearing on Hannity tomorrow night, Obama is being interviewed by O’Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday, sometime before the game, and the  INSANE RIGHT continues to blame all the ugly rhetoric on the Left. And Life is still a bowl of cherries.


Simon Schuster is publishing a trilogy on Dr. Martin Luther King by Taylor Branch. You can read about it here. It’s a huge project comprising some 2800 pages total. The first book is reviewed at the link and was published in 2004. Presumably you can locate all at Amazon.


Most everyone is familiar with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and her five stages of grief. Well it turns out, that grief may be much more personal than that, and people don’t invariably go through all the stages. This seems an important breakthrough, because some people do criticize others for not grieving  “properly”. So take a look.


The Contrarian wishes to remind everyone that he predicted the Packer win way back at the beginning of the season, with the words, “I have examined the schedule carefully, and I don’t see as how anyone can beat them. I predict they will go to the Superbowl.” He suggests that if you want him to foretell your future, send your checks, money orders, and bank account numbers, and credit card numbers, and he will be sure to tell you what will be happening in your life this year.