I have resolved in the past. I am often resolute. I have read resolutions, mine and others. I have never successfully kept a personal resolution, and so therefore, I don’t beat dead horses.

I don’t make ’em. No more.

Except, perhaps. Well, it sounds worthwhile.

Tim over at Straight-Friendly wrote a delightful (they all are) post on 1John and love and well resolutions. And how perhaps we might resolve to do things of lasting value, and not trite silly, “of the world” kinda resolves.

Made a fair amount of sense to me, so I resolve:

To make it a part of my daily prayer to ask God to help me to direct my energies, time, and thoughts to things of value. Things of lasting value. Things that enrich, enlighten, and spread love and peace. Creative things, and helpful things. Loving things and compassionate things.

I see it as loving more, creating more, empathizing more, helping more, criticizing with a purpose to edify rather than just to grouse, and approaching God with all my attention.

Mostly it just means to try every day to be a better me than the day before.

Psst: Tomorrow will be light, since we are freed from our snowy fortress and are heading for the big city for grub and other stuff. I’m trying to find the value in that! Lasting that is. HA!