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I wish everyone a blessed Christmas. We have much in our respective lives to both be thankful for and much that we have suffered through this past year. This night, we turn our thoughts to hope and promise. The hope of better days, the promise that we will support each other in times of trial.

The message is one of love and compassion, of empathy, and peace. We celebrate a belief in better days. We remember all the good that we have enjoyed.

We let go of petty jealousies, petty wrongs, and greed. We celebrate our unity as images of our Creator. We are quiet, serene, and gentle. As He was.

Whether you believe or not, we are wondrously made, fashioned in mystery. We live as part of a unity of life upon a small blue dot. We wander throughout the universe, unafraid on our journey. We cling to each other, and give courage as we face the unknown, assured that somehow we are going in the right direction.

We are led by the invisible hand of God, beckoning us to be ever more human, ever more like the Godhead.


We got a surprise this morning. Not welcome, but we are letting it be. It would be in excess of twelve inches of snow, with perhaps more to come. We are truly cozied in among the trees, looking at a vast sea of white. We’ve shoveled off the porches and swept the bird feeder and everyone is warm and snug.

We shall have a glorious meal tomorrow, watch some good movies, and read or do other indoor things. I made nut clusters with peanuts, pecans and almonds this morning, setting out the candy muffin tins in the snow to harden up the chocolate.

Whatever your circumstances, I hope you can get where you want to go, and share the day with those you wish to be with. My thoughts are with those of you who might be alone. I know that experience, and well, one just enriches the day as best one can.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and we’ll resume our conversation on Sunday or Monday. Be safe, and be joyous. HOPE!