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Tis the season and all that rot. Oh, I’m not a Grinch. Anything but. Look! I bring you eye candy.

Johnny Depp makes me little old heart go piddy paddy like it used to back in the day when life was all before me.

He has been called upon to grace the cover of Vanity Fair once again. Along with an interview which you can read in part here, there is a lovely series of photos of the gorgeous one for you to warm your heart by. Do indulge. I won’t tell a soul.


If you would prefer eye candy of a different species, then drop over to Roger Ebert’s blog. His blogs are consistently fun to read and thoughtful as well. This one is about dogs and he shows you a goodly number of photos of our canine friends, done by a terrific photographer. A link to the work of Tim Flach, and his latest book. The pictures are simply stunning and worth the trip over.

Here is my favorite, just to whet your appetite:


The University of Maryland does a polling of what media outlets people watch and how much they know about current events. Does it surprise anyone that the more people watch, the more they know? And does it surprise anyone that there is one major  exception to this rule? And that the major exception is Fox. People who watch Fox are stunningly, I mean stupendously the most mis-informed of all people polled.

Think Progress has the numbers. I mean they aren’t just a few points more ignorant; they are massively so. Fox has a captive audience here, convinced that they can’t trust anyone else, and so Fox simply indoctrinates them at will. We’ve shown you the evidence of that in regards the Health Care law and their use of “government option” and on climate change and their caveat to that there is serious disagreement by “many” scientists.


This one can’t come as any surprise either. PolitFact has just released it’s listing of the Lie of the Year and all the runners-up. You can assume that Republicans carry the day, because Relieacans do it better than just about anybody. John, Orange Juice, Boehner, won the 1st place slot. Other notables are Michele, spinner-eye, Bachmann, and Johnny, I just hate everybody, McCain.


I don’t know who Doug Bean is, but he seems to know of what he speaks: namely game hunting. And he watched Sarah’s gushy love affair with self, known as Sarah Palin’s Alaska. More pertinently, he watched the caribou hunt. And, he was appalled. She ain’t, it seems, any hunter he’s ever seen. She’s  a con job all the way. Read his analysis of her “style”. Me thinks that Ms. Media has perhaps over-extended herself and the true Sarah is starting to emerge: a fraud of the major proportions.

And to make matters worse: new polling by the Washington Post and ABC, show that those who would vote for Palin for Prez are eight percent. Oh please, please ego maniac lady, run, run, run. Make our collective day!


The Contrarian, looking out over the frozen tundra of Iowa, said, “I’ll find you one day, standing at the window, with a tear in your eye as you look out at the desert sands of New Mexico, missing the beauty of a white sparkling winter’s day.”

“I doubt that,” I moaned, as I stared bleakly at the thermometer outside, registering an icy 3°. “I seriously doubt that.”

In my head, I live in Hawai`i. I walk the beach each day, and watch the surf, sitting with an iced tea and my lap top, a book of choice. The dogs frolic. The Contrarian waves from the deck. I reach through sunglassed eyes, for more sunscreen. I close my eyes, and . . . . WAKE UP IN A FREAKIN” FROZEN TUNDRA IN IOWA!

It works for a while. Do you live somewhere else in your head? Do tell.


I can’t believe my luck. It turns out that my state’s representative here in Iowa is scheduled to be the new Speaker. And he is claiming he won’t oppose a move to impeach the remaining justices to our Supreme Court, for having the audacity to do their jobs of judicial review. This all about marriage equality in Iowa. I just sent him a temperate (mostly) e-mail making my position most clear and challenging him. I know these people know better, but if people of knowledge don’t speak up, then the misinformed and bigots among us win. The fight goes on.


Well, it’s leftovers day! Hurrah! I made some biscotti this morning. Lovely and my favorite kind of breakfast food. See ya tomorrow.