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Sarah primps before cameras turn on, after her arrival only nearly one year after Haiti was devastated by an earthquake. I mean, she’s there to establish her foreign policy creds, touring the areas where as she puts it:

“. . .we are responsible for helping those less fortunate.”

Yeah, right Sarah. Nobody is allowed to ask questions except for Foxy Noise via Greta “can I be Sect’y of State in your administration?” Van Susteren. All others are kept at bay because of “security” concerns. Yeah, right.

All of Caribou Killer’s events are tightly orchestrated. On her recent book tour in Iowa, journalists were again kept far away, allowed to use only video, not audio, and ordered to ask no questions.

We understand the Great Dumb Brunette is off to England next to visit Margaret Thatcher. Yes, I can imagine the “policy” discussions she will have with the former Prime Minister who suffers from Alzheimer’s/dementia and barely knows who she is. But to her loyal empty-heads, it will “look” presidential won’t it?

Is there no limit beyond which Sarah won’t go to exploit others for her own personal aggrandizement? It would appear not. The more interesting question is whether the British press will bow to her orders as the American press is so willing to do.

This is a serious issue. Recently Time magazine did a cover story on the Mooselli, and inexplicably agreed to do so via an e-mail “interview.” What kind of nonsense is this? This is no assurance that Ms. Palin, answered any of the questions herself. How lazy and unjournalistic can you get here folks? Read the “interview” here.


I thought I made it most clear the other day about Alabama. Apparently I did not, so let me say it again. People there are mostly STUUUUPPPIDDDD. Don’t believe me? Well, take the about to be chairman of the Financial Services Committee, Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL). Take him please!

Bachus is going to do his damnest to gut the regulations imposed on the banks to stop them from doing the crap that nearly bankrupted us just a couple of years ago. Why you ask? Because Bachus sees the federal government’s job as not to regulate the banking industry and thus protect the people, but rather:

 “In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks.”

I’m not sure Bachus shouldn’t be tested to see if he has an IQ sufficiently high to be allowed solid food.


Do you sit up in the wee hours of the night contemplating cosmology? No? I’m shocked, truly I am. I do. Apparently I’m not alone, here or possibly elsewhere. Anyway, if you would like to take a look at the current theories of why we are here, then take a look at Big Questions Online’s, The Biggest Question of All. It will give you a nice little over view of current possibilities. What else have you got to do on a frigid, don’t dare go outside kinda day?


One of the fun things of this time of year, are end of the year top 10 lists. Here’s the top ten quotable quotes brought to you via Joe.My.God. They are priceless!


It’s a well-know coincidence that the fundamentalist interpretation of the bible, often coincides quite well with retaining their money in their own wallets. In other words, they can see little further than their own bank account. Thus they don’t bother to extrapolate on the scenarios that might play out ecologically should their flimsy and non-existent proof that the Earth will never be in serious ecological danger, not play out as correct.

Forget the fact that their children and grandchildren will damn them to hell for the polluted angry planet that will ensue. It might be worse, we might well be orchestrating our species demise. Read 3quarksdaily for Human Extinction: Not the Worst Case Scenario.


It almost sears the mind to contemplate: Sarah Palin had Kate Gosselin as her “camping” buddy on her latest installment of Sarah’s Laska. Can you imagine the one brain cell zipping around that tent? Ms. Gosselin was heard to relate her opinion on camping:

“Why would you pretend to be homeless?”

Being in the same room with these two would be my personal vision of hell. What’s yours?


In the face of all evidence to the contrary, Foxy noise jumped on the wacko bandwagon the minute the Metronome collapsed. The snow, they claimed was proof positive that there is no global warming. Please Foxy, just sit quietly and play with your toes. You are way in over your head once again.


Hope you day is going well. It’s about 3° outside, but sunny. We are warm. We are, shockingly, not snowed in. The rain/slush/snow apparently all stuck together and the wind couldn’t move it.

On the Stove: pot roast with roasted carrots and onions, mashed potatoes and gravy.