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Hello? Are you there? It’s white outside, and hard to tell. I knew it would come. I just wanted it to wait, until 2012. Of course, it did not. Keep up your chin. This too shall pass, and as Dorothy says, some fresh hell will assault us.

It is frigid, and it’s not even zero. That means I am going to be a pool of frozen snot when it gets really cold. I’m a baby, a whimpering limp poop. I admit it.

On the home front: There are new posts at Walking in the Shadows and 1000 Shitty Things. Do visit and prop up my failing ego. :/ (TEASER: Johnny DEPP!)

We have been having girlie dog problems that have got us nearly coocoo. Brandy has been unwilling to come up the steps. We thought it was arthritis, but eventually concluded that she must have slipped on the steps and now is afraid to come up. She weighs nearly a 100 pounds so it’s not like you can pick her up.

No amount of food enticement, cajoling, or yelling helps. But we got an idea. The Contrarian found a piece of carpet, cut it up into pieces, and nailed them to the steps. Zoom! up she came! Problem solved. She is most glad that we humans finally figured out what she has been trying to tell us with eyes and wagging tail.

Cold? Yes, and so on the stove there is a new pot of chili simmering away, thickening and melding it’s rich blend of spices and peppers. Oh my. And jalapeno-cheddar cornbread. With sides of raw onions, more cheddar and crackers, oh my soul rejoices. I’ll check and see if I’ve posted my chili recipe online as of yet, and if not, I’ll post it this week. It’s world-class, and has received a number of awards. I can show ’em to you, otherwise trust me. ;D


The new GOP talking point on the tax cuts, is that the reason that business is glutted with cash, but still ain’t hiring anyone, is that they are “worried about their taxes going up.” The continuing yak is that we gotta continue the tax cuts for the rich so they will feel safe to increase their labor forces. Crooks and Liars, has the actual numbers (imagine! real evidence?) which belies all that crap.  While I submit that business has deliberately stopped hiring it’s because they are trying to coerce Obama to do just that–extend the Bush tax cuts to them. Why do I suspect that the rich and the GOP (oh they are the same!) figured that out together and are playing the same tune deliberately?


Mad Priest has a cartoon that speaks so well to our times. Go see.


Holy  baby Jesus, now we understand why OKJimm lives in Wisconsin. And if he moves, it will surely be to either Illinois or North Dakota. Why? Well take a gander at this map and you will surely have your answer. It’s dumbfoundingly unreal.


Do take a look at PeNolan’s, post, Sex as Civil Disobedience over at BlackMagpieTheory. And when finished, do follow the link to Power and Tiny Acts of Rebellion by Chris Hedges. The gist of it, is that we are never going to dismantle the corporate behemoth that runs this country by the electoral process, where nearly all who are elected are part of the problem.


Our resident nut-job Steven King (R-IA) is opening his BIG DISGUSTING MOUTH again, and proving just how racist, homophobic and otherwise intolerant one human being can be. Seems that King is of the opinion that a McCarthy-style resurrection of the House “un-American Activities” Committee is in order, because, as we all know, once you get your “cultural house in order, the economic will follow.” (that straight out of Econ 101 no doubt).

I recall a scene from Full Metal Jacket, in which the drill Sgt. , eyes a prospective recruit and asks him his height. “Five foot ten, sir,” the youngster manages to spit out. “Amazing,” the Sgt. replies, “I didn’t know that could stack shit that high.” King you are a douche.


Well, live is impinging on my blogging. Answer me this: why cannot any UPS or FED-EX or freakin’ post office understand that a blue-box attached to my 911 address at the edge of our lane, directly across from the mail box is meant to LEAVE SHIT TOO LARGE FOR THE MAILBOX? I get, instead, “we tried to deliver, but were too freakin’ stupid to understand the box, so we took it back with us and you can contact us and ‘splain to us what you want us to do with your freakin’ package!”

Instead of pulling out my hair, which is rather too glorious, I’ll go pull a few of the Contrarian’s which are becoming as sparse as an oasis in the Mohave desert.

Have a day, of some kind, and tell me if you see any strange things.